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... Home > Music > Rock > Southern Death Cult. Southern Death Cult ... of the goth punks and later metal heroes known as the Cult, Southern Death Cult formed in late 1982 near Leeds ...
The Cult: info, discography, soundclips, photos, and other stuff for Cult fans ... Live Cult (Music Without Fear) is now available on ... Doors 21st Century. The Cult featured in a new book ... and all other content copyright 2000-04 ...

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The Webtender: Southern Death Cult
... Southern Death Cult. Ingredients: 2 oz Jack Daniels. 2 oz Southern Comfort. 2 oz Wild Turkey ...

Welcome to the Southern Death Cult
The Southern Death Cult was one of the leading bands in londons postpunk movement. Ian Astbury later formed the Death Cult and the Cult ... band for all of its incarnations. the southern death cult would become infamous, several lineup changes and two ... cults, the next being the death cult, before axing all those long ...

The Cult - The Southern Death Cult
THE CULT/DEATH CULT/THE SOUTHERN DEATH CULT The Southern Death Cult (Rare 1996 UK promo-only 6-track sampler CD featuring tracks from each of the band's incarnations including Fatman, God's Zoo, ...

southern death cult
southern death cult at opal music - the premier site for indie music ... SOUTHERN DEATH CULT Fatman -- (UK 7" b/w Moya, p/s) SOUTHERN DEATH CULT Southern Death Cult -- (UK CD album ...

The Southern Death Cult
one of the leading bands in the UK post punk, pre gothic /deathrock scene, an emerging form of gloom and doom rock

Elvis Southern Death Cult
A little bit kitsch, a little bit rock n roll!

Southern Death Cult
damn that's cool easily amusing blatherings an experiment in freestyle postings ... Southern Death Cult. The Cult, of 80's fame, was the Death Cult, and, before that, the Southern Death Cult...I bought many ...

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Southern Death Cult - NME 1982
... Southern Death Cult - The last tribe. NME2 october 1982 ... Post punk comes the last tribe, SOUTHERN DEATH CULT, a Bradford group who attack the centralisation of media and ...

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