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... ...Report a broken link... Shotgun Vegas ( Rock) ... Jon Korrison - Drums. Shotgun Vegas was formed in July of 2003 ...

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... Bonus Level. Nightmare in Vegas. Las Vegas at night ... doors, take the other passage, kill another Vegas. mobster and pick up 2 shotgun shells and a small medikit. ...

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Shotgun Vegas - Band Diary
Thursday, April 29, 2004. I never post on this thing but I figured once in a while I'd bust out. So the band's got the sweetest van this side of the mississippi. ... a house that needed some rock preparations, because shotgun vegas was coming to suburbia and and it was ... lets start gathering our angry Vegas mob and lets metaphorically burn the ...

SDLOCALMUSICSCENE.COM - Your San Diego Local Music Resource
... Shotgun Vegas began to grab hold of the local scene before their EP Room 109 was even pressed ... It's all saying Shotgun Vegas and with the release of Room 109 ...

GameDaemons.Net - Player Profile for Shotgun Vegas
... FOR Shotgun Vegas. Shotgun Vegas is ranked 86 and has played for 2h38m in 30 days ... Total % 1. Shotgun Vegas. 430. 69.81% ...

Shotgun Vegas interview [waw]
Joe- Bass- Shotgun Vegas. First off. How are you doing today? Awesome, thanks so much for having me. Ok. so, the new band shotgun vegas is amazing [but who didnt know. that?]. how was it like recording the album with these guys?

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Melissa's Pictures :: Shotgun Vegas Concert!
... Shotgun Vegas Concert! 52 images in this album on 2 pages ...

Shotgun Vegas - Making San Diego dance since 2003
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Shotgun Vegas
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Shotgun Vegas
Shotgun Vegas Room 109 (Shotgun Vegas) Shotgun Vegas (ex Waiting For Autumn, Playing For Keeps) is a melting-pot of influences blended and focused into creating energetic indie-pop-rock with an emphasis on the rock.

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