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Shonen Knife Music and Discussion
... CD'sTicketsMP3AlbumsVideos. Let's Knife. by Shonen Knife. Released 01/1993 ... by Shonen Knife. Released 08/2001. Discussion: Shonen Knife. You are not logged in ...

Japanese Shonen Knife Freaks Page
... Welcome to Shonen Knife Freaks Page ... Official Shonen Knife Homepage update 2002/05/16. Shonen Knife NeXus ( George Ojisan ) update 2002/05/12 ...

AndyB | Timeless Shonen Knife Zone
Welcome to the Timeless Shonen Knife Zone! Show reviews, tour photos, news clippings, Web links, live weather from Osaka, and more! Like, click, man! ... Michie Nakatani retired from Shonen Knife during the spring of 1999 ... to make people happy," says Naoko Yamano, guitarist of Shonen Knife. The female punk-pop trio from Osaka, Japan ...

Shonen Knife NeXuS English Cooperative Web. June 27, 2004. Tour Update - Shonen Knife's Annual "712 Day Party Tour" in July. ... Shonen Knife Song in U.S. TV Program!Get the details on this and all other current and historical reports on Shonen ...

Yahoo! Directory Rock and Pop > Shonen Knife
... John's Shonen Knife Page - Fan submissions and URLs of images especially welcome! Shonen Knife ... photos, gig dates, and release info. Shonen Knife Discography. Shonen Knife Freaks Page ...

Shonen Knife Home Page
Copyright 1994 John MacLeod. All rights reserved. That Shonen Knife Comic ... most likely been The Night I Almost Met Shonen Knife, my self-published minicomic about my true-life adventures at Shonen Knifes Toronto concert in May 1994 ...

Shrine To Shonen Knife
... unless stated otherwise, all pics are b & w, all are in jpeg format. Shonen Knife. 712. Let's Knife ... Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them ...

Shonen Knife
... Shonen Knife Archive. ++ My ridiculously long Shonen Knife discography ...

Shonen Knife!
Shonen Knife! ... an u-u-ultra-eccentric, super-cult, punk-pop band ... Shonen Knife and Me. ( May 17, 1997 at Tower Records, Hollywood) thanks, Gail! ( February 8, 1997, upstairs at the Troubadour, West Hollywood) thanks, George! (

Shonen Knife HOME PAGE
Official home page of the band.

712 DAY PARTY HP712 DAY PARTY English pages were opened !!712 DAY PARTY . Copyright 2003 Shonen Knife All rights reserved.

The Shonen Knife NeXuS 2004 ( c)2004 - photos by yegg. Welcome! .

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