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We're not cool, we're Almost Cool : :
... Other Bands: A Week in July, SF Firehydrant, The Spacepimps, The Switch ... Other Bands: Second Before The Crash, SF Firehydrant, Nothing Unexpected, Thought Deposit ...

Lady Fox Productions
... Halloween Show. with SF Firehydrant, The Switch, and Linus ... with A Week In July, SF Firehydrant, Space Pimps, The Switch, Almost Cool ...

Yahoo! GeoCities
First Name? : Kevin SF. your band/homepage URL? : How did You find this site? : you signed our guestbook. Comment : You guys seem cool. I like to see girls getting in the scene. ... No Use for a Name, Lagwagon, and of course SF Firehydrant ...

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Play'r Productions
... The Dirty Garbage Men (Punchline) SF Firehydrant. Honin. Almost Cool ... Procession Came Opposite. SF Firehydrant. Michael Faryna. 5 O'Clock Charlie ...

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... location: pittsburgh, pa. bands: sf firehydrant, dimstar, punchline (punchline cd release party) ... bands: procession came opposite, headlong, sf firehydrant and fallback. JULY 25, 2003 ...

AC is coming to a town near you! : :
... Other Bands: Punchline, A Week In July, SF Firehydrant, Greg Wood ... Other Bands: SF Firehydrant, Clearview, Thought Deposit, Runner Up ...

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S. F. Firehydrant
Bass and Weird Faces. Favorite SF Song?: Fear of Loathing. Favorite Music Group: Thursday. Favorite Color: Pink...seriously. Previous Bands: The Medix, The Sneakers, Discontinued Use. Girlfriend Status: Single ... Girlfriend Status: Single. Favorite SF Show: Punchline CD Release ... Goldfinger and Mest. Funniest SF moment: Falling on stage ...

::Something Inside:: :An SF Firehydrant fansite:
... Join the SF Firehydrant Street Team. Send an email to and in the subject field, put your ... A Week in July. SF Firehydrant. Space Pimps. The Switch ...

SF Firehydrant
Me Libero - 2002. Recorded July 2002@ Plus/Minus Studios in Pittsburgh. Engineered and Produced by Andy Wright and SF Firehydrant. 1. Brothers Bound. mp3. 2. Control Room "A" mp3. 3. My Fear Of Loathing. mp3. 4. ... or send to. SF Firehydrant. c/o Matt Fuchs ...

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