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SEPULTURA.COM was registered twice independantly of the band. This would've not be armful in a more open DNS system. See for more info on enhanced DNS and Root Servers Confederations

SEPULTAB - The SEPULTURA guitar-tab page
Vogi's SEPULTURA guitar tabs pages. Here you will find almost every Sepultura tab! ... Links. IF YOU LIKE SEPULTURA VISIT THIS PAGE!!! ... You own a Sepultura page? Get the info how to join the SepulRing. ... - Sepultura Tabs
Tabs for Sepultura: ... Harmony Central. more... Sepultura Tabs. Guitar tabs (G): 136 ... Drum tabs (D): 29. Sepultura sheet music! ...

Sepultura homepage
Yes, they split up. Check out Swen's split page for more info. Well, this page is one of the oldest Sepultura webpages, it's been online since 1993. There wasn't any official band webpages back then, only fan-maintained like mine. ... Today there's 6000+ Altavista hits on Sepultura and about 20 Sep webpages, maintained by persons ...

... MINDWARS. New Sepultura video hitting MTV Brazil... ... THE SECRET OF SEPULTURA. The Sepultura promotion in Brazil, and dates to come... ...

dedicated to sepultura, tab, music, history, lyrics, tabs
Site dedicated to sepultura, lyrics, tab, music, tabs, Sepultura, SEPUTURA, brazil, under, siege ... SEPULTURA. SEPULTURA MADE THEIR FIRST REAL MARK ON THE MUSIC WORLD WITH THE ALBUM "BENEATH THE REMAINS" WHICH ... CHAOS AD" WHICH DEFINED THE SEPULTURA SOUND AND WAS HUGE HIT THE ... :: Sepultura official fan site
... Welcome to Sepultura's fan website. Please enjoy your stay and start exploring our contents... ... Latest Forum posts... ...

SEPULTURA : Site Oficial
... 22.04.2004 26. Webmaster. 040416-SEPULTURA-Limeira.wmv - (Windows Media 9 - 20MB ... todas as cidades próximas, incluindo São Paulo, estavam lá para ver o SEPULTURA. Veja as fotos aqui ...

Sepultura - Death Metal
Sepultura was a speed/death metal band from Brazil who made it big, and we have a reviews page homage to them and their classic works 'Bestial Devastation' and 'Morbid Visions' ... One of the primary inventors of death metal, Sepultura built a new language out of twisted structure ... EPs of seminal material from Sepultura establish the distinctive sound which was ...

Willkommen auf SEPULTURA.DE
Sepultura - Die deutsche Heimat der Goetter aus Brasilien ... © 2001 76530. July 09th 2004 | 06:19 pm ...

SEPULTURA : Official Website
W O R L D W I D E e n g l i s h . B R A S I L p o r t u g u ê s. :

SEPULTURA: Morbid Visions!
... RENAISSANCE RECORDS was the first US label to get behind SEPULTURA. We are very proud of the guys ... this page! LINKS. SEPULTURA NEWS.: The latest info. SEPULTURA PICTURE GALLERY ...

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