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SAVAGE REPUBLIC CDs - Buy Rare Imports, Used Vinyl and Music Records
SAVAGE REPUBLIC CDs - buy rare used records and import CD's. Imports, New Releases, Used Music Albums, Hard to Find LPs, Out of Print CDs :: Savage Republic
... SAVAGE REPUBLIC. Tragic Figures (Independent Project) 1982 + 1987 ... Originally named Africa Corps, Los Angeles' Savage Republic got its start at UCLA, where Jeff Long, Bruce Licher ...
... Savage Republic / Recordings From Live Performance 1981-1983. Savage Republic / Tragic Figures. Savage Republic (Democratique Et Populaire De Sauvage) / Jamahiriya ...

Savage Republic
Lack of time made me end maintaining these pages. Sorry! For info on the still excellent Savage Republic, Scenic, Independent Project Records and all things Licher visit one of these links.

Savage Republic
... Mobilization: The Savage Republic Story. Savage Republic at Al's Bar, 1982 ... by Stevolende. Savage Republic, the L.A. based drone-rockers and post-rock forefathers, have announced that ...

Savage Republic Music and Discussion
... Ceremonial & Trudge. by Savage Republic. Released 11/2002 ... by Savage Republic. Released 09/1995. Discussion: Savage Republic. You are not logged in ...

mystere: savage republic reunion
interview with ethan port of savage republic [desiderata number twelve, savor 2oo2: bai mei guei wang 2oo2 ... ongoing promotion for the reissues of the savage republic catalog and the week of reunion performances ... their first performances as savage republic since 1989... we wish to thank ...

Yahoo! Groups : Procession
... This is a mailinglist for discussing Savage Republic and their related bands, which are 17 Pygmies ... which are sounding similar to Savage Republic/related like Drowning Pool, Tone ...

The History of Rock Music. Savage Republic: biography, discography, reviews, links
Ultimate guide to Savage Republic: biography, discography, reviews, links ... Savage Republic. ( Copyright 1999 Piero Scaruffi ... In quel milieu nel 1982 nacquero i Savage Republic. La formazione originale constava di due bassi e due percussionisti ...

Mobilization Records: Savage Republic Official Home Page
... The band changed its name to Savage Republic in June 1982 when the first album "Tragic Figures" was ... 20 years later the term "Savage Republic" would also be used to ...

Savage Republic
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Mobilization Records: Savage Republic F-SPACE Scot Jenerik fspace
... transformers F-SPACE-- SCOT JENERIKand ETHAN PORT (SAVAGE REPUBLIC), ALEPH KALI (CHROME) & JOEL CONNELL (MAN IS ... speed and ominous tones of early Savage Republic. He'd loop a string ...

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