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This Santeria page is your gateway to accessing Web- based and print resources about Santeria. As part of the New Religious Movements Homepage, it includes a profile of Santeria, comprehensive ... Name: Santeria (also known as La Regla Lucumi and the Rule of Osha ... Santeria orginated in Cuba as a combination of the Western African Yoruba Religion and Iberian Catholicism 2 ... | Home
Santeria - Band aus Mnchen - Ska, Punk, Reggae und Ragga - ... Salon Huber Open Air sind jetzt online .. schaut mal rein .. 26.06.2004 - Santeria feat. The Porn Horns ... Die 8-köpfige-Münchner BandSanteria, bestehend aus Riddim-Sektion, Gitarre ...

... Santería. Religión fruto del sincretismo de religiones africanas con elementos del catolicismo. ... La Santería es una religión que tiene sus orígenes con la tribu Yoruba del ...

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Santería. Directory > Society and Culture > Religion and Spirituality > Faiths and Practices > Santería. Advanced Search | Suggest a Site. Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye - ... resource site for authentic information regarding the Santeria/Lukumi/Orisha religion ... Palo And Lukumi Organization - established Santeria, Palo, and Lukumi church serving as a ...

... Santeria is one of the many syncretic religions created in the New World ... this religious tradition has evolved into what we know today as Santería, the Way of the Saints ...

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Santeria, A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic
Santeria, A Practical Guide to. Afro-Caribbean Magic. By Luis M. Nuñez. Copyright (c) 1989 by Luis M. Nunez. All Rights Reserved. Copyright (c) 1992 by Spring Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ISBN 0-88214-349-2(pb) Luis M. Nunez. P.O. ... Santeria has millions of followers spread across the United States, the Caribbean, Central, and South America ...

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... Puerto Rican Santería is one of such syncretist belief systems "whose external manifestations ... by anthropologists who have researched Puerto Rican Santería. The essay also provides ...

Santeria, A syncretistic Caribbean religion. Click below to visit our sponsors. Santeria is also known as: Regla de Ocha, La Regla Lucumi, Lukumi, etc. Terminology. Regla de Ocha (The Rule of the Orisha)is the proper name for this religion.

Die hohe Kunst der Magie. Da Santeria eine hohe Kunst ist, sehr vielfältig und reichhaltig, ist es nicht möglich alles über Santeria auf meinen Seiten wiederzugeben. Die wichtigsten Punkte habe ich auf den folgenden Seiten aufgeführt.

Santeria, A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic.
Santeria, A Practical Guide to. Afro-Caribbean Magic. Table of Contents. INTRODUCTION. About the Web Version. Chapter One. HISTORICAL NOTES. Chapter Two. CEREMONIES ...... The Ceremony ...... The Initiation (The "Asentado") Chapter Three. THE SACRIFICE

... Santeria Santeria is a religious practice similar to Vodoun ... have been assimilated as Catholic saints. ' Santeria' comes from the Spanish word 'santo' meaning saint; practitioners ...

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