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Transending's Said Girl Signing + Josh Wins Again!
Cindy's Alternate Zine - News. Transending's Said Girl Signing + Josh Wins Again! Article By Cindy James on Oct 23, 2003. Western Australia's Punk/emo/rock outfit, Said Girl have just been signed to Transending Records.

... SAID GIRL - AS LONG AS THIS SILENCE LIES ... September of 2003 saw Said Girl record their debut 5 track EP - 'as long as this silence lies' with Shaun O'Callaghan ...

Said Girl
CINDY'S ALTERNATE ZINE > INTERVIEWS. Said Girl. Article By Cindy James on Jul 2, 2003. So whats the current lineup of Said Girl and who plays what in the band? Neal

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How They Found National Geographic's "Afghan Girl"
... March 2002, when the National Geographic Society announced that the "Afghan Girl" had been found ... someone recognized the girl on the cover of National Geographic and said he knew her ...

{lime tree}: From the Flarf Vaults: The True Story of a Girl Sees Heaven Before Her Death
... station wagon driving down the road, and the girl said Mom give me the camera I see a ... with 2 legs, and the girl said Come there dog, and fint ...

Guardian | Huntley said girl had nose bleed
Huntley said girl had nose bleed. Accused told partner one child went to bathroom to stem flow while the other sat in bedroom. Steven Morris. Saturday November 8, 2003. The Guardian ... to have told his then partner, Maxine Carr, that the girl went into the upstairs bathroom to try to stem the bleeding ...

A Very Naughty Girl
Mystery, Suspense, History, Gothic, Literature, Books, Arts ... A Very Naughty Girl. CHAPTER I. SYLVIA AND AUDRY ... Let them be hungry somewhere else, not here," said the angry girl. " It was all very well when some ancestor of ...

BSA Discrimination - Challenges to Girl Scout's membership exclusionary policies
... Miller said Girl Scouts must make the Scout promise and accept Scout rules ... deputy national executive director of the Girl Scouts, said the organization - which is separate from the ...

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Girl Thing - Bringing Fans Back Together in 2004
Girl Thing revival website, where fans have taken over the official site to celebrate the pop music of Anika Bostelaar, Michelle Barber, Jodi Albert, Nikki Stuart and Linzi Martin. It's the last ... She said Girl Thing would now have to choose from half a dozen other tracks for their next ... Spice Girls newest rivals Girl Thing. She said: "I think it's a ...

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