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Wikipedia: Rocket From The Tombs
Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'Rocket From The Tombs' ... Rocket From The Tombs was a band that began around 1974 but broke up into the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. Rocket From The Tombs has recently reformed (2003 ...

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Ain't It Fun: Rocket From The Tombs
... Ain't It Fun. Rocket From The Tombs. L to R: David Thomas, Wayne Strick, Craig Bell, Peter Laughner ... for years). This was Rocket From the Tombs and it's mainly known ...

PV issue #36
... Crocus Behemoth (David Thomas - Rocket From The Tombs), J. Regular (John Morton ... Peter Laughner were the leaders of Rocket From The Tombs. John Morton's band was The Electric Eels ...

ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS. photo by John Nikolai. The Day The Earth Met. The Rocket From The Tombs. SMOG VEIL. 2002. RESPONSIBLE AGENT. ARTIST SITE. LABEL SITE

The Day The Earth met the Rocket From The Tombs release notes
Release notes for the 2002 album release from Rocket From The Tombs. ... The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs. Released by Hearpen in partnership with: ... are convinced that had Rocket From The Tombs survived long enough to record ...

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Rocket From the Tombs
... Next | Previous | Up ] Rocket From the Tombs. From: Jay Jay ...

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Rock: Rocket From the Tombs hits Detroit - 12/03/03
Previous item Next item Close window. Wednesday, December 3, 2003. Rock: Rocket From the Tombs hits Detroit. By Christy L. Breithaupt / The Detroit News. Comment on this story. Send this story to a friend. Get Home Delivery ... Case in point -- Rocket From the Tombs, Cleveland's notorious rockers. Rocket From the Tombs spawned Pere ...

Whatever Happened to Cheetah Chrome?: Seminal punk band Rocket From the Tombs reunited, back on the road - Thursday, 12/11/...
published: (12/11/03) - The Rage. Whatever Happened to Cheetah Chrome?: Seminal punk band Rocket From the Tombs reunited, back on the road. Rocket From the Tombs existed only from 1974 to mid-1975. ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS : ,,MP3,Real Audio,,,...
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