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SBI: Generation
Current Issue. Past Issues. Staff. FAQ. Interview with Robot has Werewolf Hand. issue 20.18. For those of you in the Buffalo community that have not heard of Robot Has Werewolf Hand, it is due time.

... Clintons, Bloor and Christie. Robot Has Werewolf Hand - from Buffalo, they live and the control kids ...

SBI: Generation
... Staff. FAQ. Robot Has Werewolf Hand - The Love and Destruction EP ... through the end of the last track, Robot Has Werewolf Hands violent sophomore release grabs you by the throat ...

The Gammits M.W...what's up
... Your Brain, Benny and No Slogan, Vivisuck, Robot Has Werewolf Hand, The Brokedowns, and Members of The Yellow ... paths with our friends Robot Has Werewolf Hand during the coastal dates ...

we are still alive.
... just in time for our tour w/ ROBOT HAS WEREWOLF HAND (see dates below, and come hang out ... CD version of the ROBOT HAS WEREWOLF HAND lp (on Art Of ...

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Robot Has Werewolf Hand "The Endless Lp" Cd / Lp
Robot Has Werewolf Hand "The Endless Lp" Cd / Lp .00 " I was into this from the explosive get go. Totally amped, high energy and fast hardcore playing in a straight forward non-distorted manner.
No Trigger. Read Yellow. Sick and Tired. Dead Air Studios. Robot Has Werewolf Hand. Frenzy. Fatality
... Armed With Intelligence. Robot Has Werewolf Hand. The Devils Electric ...

Robot Has Werewolf Hand "The Love & Destruction Ep" 7"
Robot Has Werewolf Hand "The Love & Destruction Ep" 7" .00. This is limited to 300 Copies. This is for Credit Cards Only! Order This Record Here. For Money Orders, Paypal and Cash" Back to Distro Page. Back Home. Record label, Soloman Method Records

the boils dot com
... Street Dogs, Robot Has Werewolf Hand, Remember Me, +3 TBA ...

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