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... Overview, Albums, Also Appears On, Related Artists, Add Content. Reverb Motherfuckers. Route 666 ... With a name like Reverb Motherfuckers (often shortened to RMF), New York's self ...

alicubi journal :: articles archive
... Ballad of the Reverb Motherfuckers: Part III. The saga continues with "A Sign in the Sculpture Garden ... Ballad of the Reverb Motherfuckers: Part II. From Hank Williams to horrible noise ...

alicubi journal :: ballad of the reverb motherfuckers, part four
Roy is an editor at Alicubi. Read Part Three. Download an early Reverb Motherfuckers clip (mp3, 792 k). Ballad of the Reverb Motherfuckers: Part Four. ROY EDROSO. Part Four: No Place for Good Guys. Now it was 1987. ... The country was in recession, and so--ever in sync with our times--were the Reverb Motherfuckers ...

- t h e - b i g f u g - p l a y p e n -
The New Underground Experience, Beat, Cult, Anti-Folk, Psychedelia, Track Records in association with First Thought Best Thought productions, Concorde2 Brighton, Wednesday 25 September 2002, Sons ...

Concorde 2
Concorde 2. Wednesday 25th September 2002. The New Underground Experience. ... of Television), Roy Edroso (of The Reverb Motherfuckers) + Baron Saturday (Amsterdam). Also, poetry, movies, magic ... :: Reverb Motherfuckers
... REVERB MOTHERFUCKERS. Route 666 (Race Age) 1988 ... Anyway, the Reverb Motherfuckers combine the funny-punk tendencies of some NYC-area hardcore bands with genuinely screwy ...

Digitalis... original band from New York City.
Digitalis, the original band from New York City making music that's like the drug Digitalis; a drug prepared from the seeds and leaves of the foxglove and is used as a cardiac stimulant. Rocking ...

... Ray Sage - drums - (ex Reverb Motherfuckers; Dogbowl, W.O.O ... Roy Edroso - gtr, voc - (ex Reverb Motherfuckers; Lancaster County Prison ... the world's last, best hope is a delivery system for selected work by Roy Edroso, writer, musician, and all-around nice guy. : tunes
... And it wasn't the only good one we did, either. REVERB MOTHERFUCKERS, 1986-1992 ... from the Shaved Pigs and the Reverb Motherfuckers joined me in this undeservedly obscure supergroup ...

Band Members of Digitalis... original band from New York City.
... his dynamic guitar playing and wild stage antics in THE REVERB MOTHERFUCKERS. He has also played with VON LMO and ...

FLEX discography: Reverb Motherfuckers - twelve swinging signs of the zodiac LP
Home News Submit Wants Gallery Links About Copyright. Search FLEX for artist record title song title label compilation title  . Reverb Motherfuckers. twelve swinging signs of the zodiac LP. rave records. rave 006 / 12 tracks / 1989

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