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Heyheyhey, lots of news from Retarded land. Mera has been hospitalized for 4 days for a really bad flu, his fever went up to 40.2 C░, pretty hot uh! Check out his picture. So we had to cancel two show, in La Spezia and in Brescia.. ... The Huntingtons/Retarded splitfinally came out last week, we played a ...

Special Olympics Public Website
East Asia (Chinese) Latin America (Spanish) Latin America (Portugese) Middle East/North Africa (Arabic) Special Olympics is not a one-time event. Meet Michael DeVries and learn how the movement makes a difference in his life every day. - Supreme Court bars executing mentally retarded - June 25, 2002
... 6-3 Thursday that executions of mentally retarded criminals are "cruel and unusual punishment," violating ... allow the execution of mentally retarded death row prisoners has grown from ...

The Structuring of Moving Fluids
... evenly-spaced lobate salients, separated by zones of retarded flow, can be observed at the leading edge of ... by the formation of salients and retarded zones. Either term; extension or ...

Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
Franšais | Espa˝ol. Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons. Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 2856 (XXVI) of 20 December 1971. The General Assembly,

The largest Jim Carrey resource on the World Wide Web with always updated news and over 300 MB of pictures, videos and sound clips!

Free2Code Forums - retarded's Profile []
... Topic Author. Date of retarded's reply ... trigger happy mods? retarded. 22/06/04 - 00:18 ...

The "R" Word - How do you avoid saying "retarded"? By John Cook
We've been hearing an awful lot about retarded people lately. More precisely, we've been hearing about a certain subset of mentally retarded people who live on death row. The recent interest in ... about all this attention is that the word "retarded" has fallen from favorand not just among the ... advocacy group for the, um, mentally retarded, voted to change its name ...

Retarded Creatures And Caverns
Retarded Creatures And Caverns review, by Mike Gerrard from a Your Sinclair tribute site, with game reviews, and loads of other groovy stuff. ... He can't explore the world of Retarded Creatures And Caverns himself, as the invite he gets to turn up at Castle Toidi ... - Your Launching pad to the world of Rock n Roll has news, reviews, info, tour dates, lyrics, tabs, message boards, audio, mp3's and videos from major artist and under-rated and unsigned bands. ... retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded IM retarded ... retarded IM retarded ...

The Retarded Sheep's Great Sheep Conspiracy
The Retarded Sheep's Great Sheep Conspiracy. The Self Acclaimed Best Great Sheep Conspiracy on the Web ... Thank you. Back to the Retarded Sheep Entertainment Page. Questions ...

Lohan criticized for using word 'retarded'
NEW YORK - A group representing the mentally disabled wants Lindsay Lohan to stop using the word ''retarded.'' Lohan has used the word several times recently, once over her alleged fake breasts. ... her getting breast implants were "retarded," her reported feud with Hilary Duff was "retarded" and a ...

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