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Obscure Punk Powerpop Mod from1977-1983
... 12" PIGZ "Bloody Belgium" (1978) LP RAXOLA "Raxola" (1978) ...

Punk Rock Belgium
... considered classics - the first Hubble Bubble LP and the Raxola LP. No collection could be considered complete without ... Pour Moi +1 7" (1978) Raxola s/t LP (1978) Red Zebra ...

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Raxola's official website - TAKE IT OR BEAT IT !
... Raxola's Favourite Bookmarks. Heres the site of our Japanese distributor. Type Ctrl F and raxola to find our album, and a lotta Bloodstains series with other (almost as ...

Bloody Belgium
... reissues (or originals if you can afford them!) of Raxola's LP, Hubble Bubble's LP, the Kids' first two LPs, and ... Side One. Raxola-84 Man. Cell 609-Chaos in Belgium ...

Raxola's official website - TAKE IT OR BEAT IT !
... il est enfin là: le nouveau single de Raxola dont on vous rabat des oreilles depuis des mois ... F) et mixé à Bruxelles (B) par Raxola. RAXOLA, par Raxola ...

A special treat for you. Two ultra-rare photos of one of the best punk bands to come from Belgium. None other than Raxola!!! These pictures were sent to me by Yves for the article Maximum Rocknroll ran on Raxola last year.

Raxola's official website - TAKE IT OR BEAT IT !
... To tell the truth, Raxola wasn't exactly what Philips used to release at the time ... within Belgian punk wave: so he did with Raxola and the Kids, against all odds ...

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Raxola's official website - TAKE IT OR BEAT IT !
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