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QLAY - SINCLAIR QL EMULATOR. For Windows95, DOS and LINUX (release 0.90) Last update of this page: 19990130. QLAY and QLAYW release, with executables and source code. QLAY, what is it? ... Design idea of QLAY is to fully support the Sinclair QL hardware. All original I/O is emulated ... hardware components emulated, all original QL/QDOS software can be executed on ...

Sinclair QL and QL Today information plus downloads ... This Web site is about the Sinclair QL computer. The QL was one of Sir Clive Sinclair's home ... derived from the original Sinclair QL, and the operating system has itself ...

XML-QL: A Query Language for XML
... ...

... Ab sofort in unserem Merchandising Sortiment: «QL» "Heimatschutz" Bier! ... mit "Ewigi Liäbi" von QL ist ab sofort in den Plattenläden ...

Sinclair QL homepage
... If you're looking for other person's or places that have to do with the QL, e.g ... look at the QL Service List. This list is intended to contain ...

QuickLinks - Front Page
Legal and regulatory aspects. market and technologyQuickLinksInternet, information society. information contentLatest issue of QuickLinks | Past issues | Sources | Status of EU initiatives | Events | Safer Internet. Audiovisual. Cable and satellite

Lista E-mail degli utenti Italiani QL
Lista E-mail degli utenti QL italiani. aggiornata al 3 Novembre 2003. Modulo per registrarti in questa lista E-mail Ritorna alla pagina principale. Nome, cognome e città. E-mail. Configurazione QL. Varie ed eventuali. Emiliano Barbaini. Milano ... HDD da 210 MB e FDD ED; QL + Gold Card + Hermes in case System2 Spem con FDD ED ...

Garbo Sinclair QL collection
ql/basprog/ QL SuperBasic programs / ql/basrout/ QL SuperBasic routines (procedures and functions) / ql/lis/ QL documents, information, bulletins / ql/pas/ Computer One Sinclair QL Pascal programs. Frequently Asked Garbo Questions.

Sinclair QL - Recursos en Castellano
... Has entrado en Sinclair QL Recursos en Castellano, una extensa recopilación de material relacionado con el Sinclair QL en lengua castellana ...

Planet Sinclair: Computers: QL
... Home > Computers > QL. QL. Sinclair Research, 1984 ... Its next computer, the Sinclair QL ( or "Quantum Leap"), was promoted as a revolutionary breakthrough - the first 32-bit ...

QL FAQ and Resources Pointer
This is a pointer to the FAQ, WWW, FTP and usenet resources related to the Sinclair QL and compatible computers ... QL Traders online. QL Developers. Other QL related WWW addresses. QL Web Magazines ...

Sinclair QL
... View some of my old pictures of Spectrum and QL screen shots: Pictures! Rather old QL files: ...files!... ...

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