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Canadian Sportfishing Online Forums
Canadian Sportfishing's forums have been set up to allow anglers of all ages and experience levels to exchange information in a positive, friendly atmosphere. ... 03/31/2003. Canada. Pugsli. Guppie. 1. 09/29/2003 ...

Pugsli History Lesson
... Pugsli. A brief history ... presents: Uncle Hungry's TRUCKSTOP!
... Oh, oh. Pugsli discovers the flattop range. ...

7'M Official (as it is going to get) Site
<enter the moustache> ( )

... and 9) and a 7 month old female pug mix puppy. Sheeba and Pugsli were immediately best friends ... around Daisy Mae (our Springer). Pugsli is now the same way with ... Florida racing news race tracks bulletin board links special events free classifieds
CONTACT US. Double Features and Teardowns at New Smyrna Speedway. Samsula, Fla (October 18, 2003) A perfect night for racing greeted the fans at New Smyrna Speedway. ... third with Vulpius in second followed by Dubeau and Pugsli. McPhail slows suddenly and goes around the ... leading the race followed by Christensen, Dubeau, Pugsli and McPhail in fifth ...

BookCrossing - Hunt for Books at Mojoe's Cafe 2256 W. Roscoe - FREE YOUR BOOKS!
... by Dominick Dunne category Mystery & Thrillers. Registered by pugsli ( 1/1) of Chicago, Illinois USA on Wednesday, March ... status: ( set by pugsli) Slaughterhouse-Five ...

O.F.A.H. Ontario Angler Awards
... 15.00 in. ) PUGSLI ( 14.25 in. ) SeaOtterCharters ... -- Waterford: Sportsman: Standings
The BEST Source of Southern New England Racing information online or offline!

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... Really wanted to get a look at Noodles, as I have a 6-month old black male pug called 'Pugsli'. I love the Pug ...

Poor Pugsli left us on Saturday, Dec 22nd, 2001. She'd not eaten for several days, she just slept on the radiator or a table, and was even thinner than usual.

Pete and Molly's home, home on the web
Laurel's Page. Pugsli. Nixon (R.I.P. 8/8/2001) Email Pete. Email Molly. Laurel would like to welcome you into our house! You'll need quicktime to see this, get it here: New update - Jan 8th 2002: Laurel is walking! ... Sad news; Pugsli is no longer with us. Click "Pugsli" for more info ...

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