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Other Links. Guestbook. Webrings. MAIL@SHININGFORCE.I-P.COM. WiThBeAnS. Crystal Space. Free game engines - Bands - Psomni presents Psomni Check out this band and other killer bands ... as Middle Eastern Trance Rock from Outer Space, psomni (pronounced: som-knee) is a trio consisting of ... and Fall With Me. Musically, psomni incorporates a variety of instruments to ...

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Psomni T - Shirts. Cydonia / Front Center. Cydonia / Back Center. Psomni Is / Front Center. Psomni Is / Back Center. Psomni White T / Front Left Pocket / Left Sleeve. Psomni White T / Back Center

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This is the band Psomni...middle-eastern trance-rock from outer-space! ... to skip to .! ...

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This is the band Psomni...middle-eastern trance-rock from outer-space! ... psomni. text-only-version.updated 7/10/03 ... XM Satellite Radio plays psomni! psomni is being played nationally on XM satellite radio on their show, Unsigned ...

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... Your favorite psomni song : Free Bird ... Your Favorite Psomni Song : im not sure, but i know i love "the p is silent", "bimidbar" and "ora e sulmit ...

Winslow's Spit Cup. Winslow Leech. Psomni Induced Thoughts. I sit here, once again, with Spat! Records recording artist's Psomni's CD ' Minimalism in my stereo.

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... This enhanced CD contains two extra videos and two bonus tracks. psomni, minimalism, 2002. CD ... Watching The Submarine Races 12. Psomnipotent. psomni, the black album, 2001 ...

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Welcome to psomni Guestbook! First Name. email / website address. Comment? Feedback? Where did you hear about us? Have you been to our shows? Who is your favorite artist? Do you believe in extra-terrestials or UfO?

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