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Lakota's Den
Welcome To Lakota's Den. The Second Official Web Page Of Point of Ares. Visit our newPICS PAGE!!! Welcome- Welcome to my happy home page. This home page is designed to fill you in on who I am, what I do and why do it. ... Who is Point of Ares: Point of Ares is a band, but not just a ...

Ares' New Point of View
... Ares discovers a new way to look around (with help, that is) ...

point of ares cd reviews
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IDN Bands: Point Of Ares
The IDN page for Point Of Ares in the Rock category. Band/artist information, sound links and coming tour dates. ... Point Of Ares is an adventure rock power trio that writes and performs hard rock with a dark ... Point Of Ares has once again managed to capture both the ennui ...

MSJ-Point of Ares Q & A
Point Of Ares Q & A. ( related via Email) Music Street Journal:Tell us a bit about the novel that the album is based on?

Yahoo! LAUNCH - Point Of Ares: Artist Page
LAUNCH Home Help. SPONSOR MATCHES. Cheap Tickets: The Point in AlbanyReviews of The Point - TripAdvisorMyNewForm MealsLAUNCH: LAUNCHcast Radio - Music Videos - Artists - Shop - more...

Point Of Ares Main Page
About Point Of Ares. Airplay. Articles And Interviews On Line. Book Of Shadows / Mailing List. Discography. Link To This Site. Performances. Reviews. Sound. Home. Email Point Of Ares. Adventure Through These Links. Welcome! ... Point Of Ares has contributed a song to the Yaminon Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ...

MSJ-Point of Ares-Enemy Glory
Point of Ares-Enemy Glory. Arula AR-96022. Overall Review. You really will probably never hear another band that sounds like this. ... influences and a very strong literary basis, Point of Ares adds in elements typically not seen in this genre of music ...

Point Of Ares
... Point Of Ares. Point Of Ares is a hard rock/progressive rock power trio led by epic fantasy novelist Karen Michalson ...

Point Of Ares - Performances
Performances. Performances Scheduled. No performances scheduled. For booking information contact. Arula Records. PO Box 332. Southbridge MA 01550. A complete list of Karen's performances and readings is on her author website.

CD Baby: POINT OF ARES: The Sorrows Of Young Apollo - hear and buy it at CD BABY.
POINT OF ARES: The Sorrows Of Young Apollo - hear and buy it at CD BABY. ... with tension between reason and passion. Point Of Ares continues to explode on the hard side of the progressive rock ...

CD Baby: POINT OF ARES: Enemy Glory - hear and buy it at CD BABY.
POINT OF ARES: Enemy Glory - hear and buy it at CD BABY. ... Point Of Ares. Enemy Glory ... rock, where the lyrics are based on strange stories, Point Of Ares is a North American band with great impact, at the ...

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