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The Vancouver Island Punk Scene, Online. Show listings, Promoter Information, punk rock resources, Forums and more! Support your scene. ... submit your contributions here. The Pissmints - Nanaimo. Coming Soon ...

~comox valley punk~
... Feat: Bullbucker, The Pissmints, Sadie Says and Death Truck ...

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Tuesday 06/01/2004 2:45:23pm. E-Mail: blah. favorite Pissmint: travis. What are you wearing? a dress. If you were a sandwich what kind would you be and why? i hate ALL nanaimo punk bands........... Guest Gear. The Pissmints. Sign this Guestbook ... EXCEPT ....The pissmints....yeah...oh call me... ...

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... You should play with the Pissmints. word. ... :: bands
... Pink Cross. Pints. Pirrvasta. Pissmints. Pistol Grip. Pistol Wips ...

The Pissmints :: Nanaimo's Messiest Punk Rock Band :: The Pissmints
The Pissmints. Nanaimo's Messiest. The Pissmints do exist once again. New material has been recorded, with such timeless classics such as Assface, and Eat Piss, Drink hit. The new recordings are available for download HERE...

The Big List of BC Canadian Bands
This is the big one: a complete list of the hundreds of artists registered in's Canadian Musician Database. ... with heavy funk and jamming influences. ( profile) The Pissmints - Funny Hardcore Punk basically NOFX and The Vandals ...

Handicap Parking Gigs
... 14th Gig: December 1st, 2000 | Youth Center | with Pissmints, Nectare" 'n Gimmick ... 3rd Gig: March 31st, 2000 | Nanaimo Youth Center | with Pissmints and Yeknob ...

Search for your favourite Canadian artists
Add/Edit Listing. New Listings. The Big List. Top 50. Contests. Newsletter. Contacts. Feedback. Swag. About KiTH. Link To Us - more books - found 991 listings ( GOOD FOR GUS) . Camrose, AB. Genre: Fast, melodic, heavy punk rock. *

Music Links
... Operation Makeout. Outcast Individuals. The Pissmints. Plan 13. The Politicians ...
:: coming soon ::

The Pissmints: Nanaimo's Messiest
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