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Phono-Comb Used CDs -
Phono-Comb - Rock Music. Buy, sell, or trade new and used CDs. CD's by Phono Comb. Used music cds at discount prices. Instant credit for your trade ins. Albums: . Music Exchange with inexpensive ...

Phono-comb Music CDs at Songsearch
Shopping for Phono-comb music CDs is easy at Songsearch. We are an online music CD and movie DVD store offering over 500,000 music titles, including hard-to-find CDs and imports. ... Phono-comb music CDs at Songsearch. PHONO-COMB Music CDs, DVD Movies, Music Videos, Songs, and ...

iMusic Modern Showcase - Phono-Comb on the ARTISTdirect Network
Phono-Comb Feature on iMusic. Includes photos, audio clips, bio, album info, and bulletin board. ... Saucer, under the name of Jad Fair and Phono-Comb, which was released in March of '96 on ... given a name, that name being Phono-Comb. One week later the ...

Phono-Comb - Band Members / Bio
... Good from The Sadies was brought in to replace him, and "Jad Fair and Phono-Comb" was born ... and Shadowy Men broke up, Phono-Comb continued on as a trio ...

Phono-comb Biography
... the affair was given a name, that name being Phono-Comb. One week later the band were onstage ... Phono-Comb are Quarterstick's first Canadian signings and we hope that after ...

official southern records web site

Phono-Comb - WWW Music Database
... Buy music from (USA) for: Phono-Comb. Buy music from (Canada) for: Phono-Comb. Buy music from GEMM for: Phono-Comb ...

Phono-Comb. Search no more. Click here ... Phono-Comb. If you are searching for any of the following topics: Phono-Comb ... Click here to learn more about Phono-Comb. Search: All Products ...

... The show being Touch and Go bands Phono-Comb and The Sadies, both Toronto bands kicking off their ... 2/3 of the members of Phono Comb. Coyote played a mix ...

Phono-Comb - 1996 article/interview (source unknown)
Phono-Comb article/interview from 1996. Sing Along With Phono-Comb. by Christopher Waters. Into a world already doused in designer fragrances and couturier colognes, Phono-Comb unleashes its new scent.

Phono-comb - Pummelled
official southern records web site

Phono-comb - Fresh Gasoline
official southern records web site

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