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Opal-RT Technologies - Open Scalable Real-Time Simulation & Control
Opal-RT.Com - Open Scalable Real-Time Simulation & Control / Distributed Real-time Power for Model Based Design ... Opal-RT provides software packages and fully integrated systems for engineers who need to use MATLAB ... testing and related applications. Opal-RT specializes in new low-cost PC ...

The OPAL Home Page
The OPAL Project. The OPAL project is concerned with research into a programming environment in which advanced language concepts and formal development methods can be used for creating production-quality software. ... is the algebraic programming language, OPAL, which integrates both concepts of algebraic ...

The OPAL Operating System Project
... Opal. The Opal project is exploring a new operating system structure, tuned to the needs of complex ... persistent database of objects. In Opal, all code and data exists with ...

OPAL Main Web Pages
OPAL Home. Quick Facts. Mission. System Overview. Satellite Subsystems. Schedule. Personnel. Meetings. Sponsors. Photo Gallery. Training Guides. News. Links. Back to SSDL. News Highlights: A Year in Orbit! OPAL celebrates 365 days of operation in space!

opal music: frame - central home page
Opal Music is a world leader in the supply of independent and alternative music by mail-order. Regularly updated site with FREE stock lists

Bokförlaget Opal
Bokförlaget Opal ger ut barnböcker och ungdomsböcker av svenska och utländska författare. Vår utgivning består av bilderböcker, barnböcker, faktaböcker, lättlästböcker och ... På Opal har Lygia Bojunges Nunes utkommit med: Den blommiga soffan, Maria på slak lina, Min vän målaren ... komma till Findusklubben. Bokförlaget Opal AB, Box 20 113, 161 02 Bromma ...

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OPAL (Hydrated Silica Glass)
THE MINERALOID OPAL. Chemistry: SiO2 - nH2O; Hydrated Silicon Dioxide. Class:Mineraloids. Group: Some minerologists place Opal in the Quartz Group. Uses: As a gemstone and ornamental stone. The Physical Properties of Opal. Specimens

Cafe OPAL:
01 ... About Cafe OPAL. What's New713Tue. ... 1999-2004, Cafe OPAL on the net, all Rights Reserved. ...

Opal Rough Rough Opal Boulder opal rough Opal Jewelry black Opal rough black opal cut opal cabochons Opal Cabochons Diamond ...
opal rough rough opal jewelry opals Opals OPALS opal cabochons opal jewelry diamond jewelry gold jewelry silver jewelry opal platinum gemstones gems black opal custom jewelry custom cabochons ... Pendants and Earrings mostly with black opal triplets placed into manufactured settings ...
Die offizielle internationale Site mit Links zu den Ländern.

NHC's prelimimary report on 1995 Atlantic Hurricane Opal ... Preliminary Report. Hurricane Opal. 27 September - 5 October 1995 ... Satellite imagery and synoptic analyses indicate that Opal originated from a tropical wave that emerged from the west ...

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