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One Step Forward, One Step Back
Industry players now agree on some key definitions, but problems are still holding us back. ... One step forward and one step back. The "step back" I am referring to is another "cost of entry" issue ...

one step back
Last Updated: 2/4/2001. News update

SD Times: Columns: Java Watch
... One Step Forward, One Step Back. By Steven J ... which is both an umbrella and replacement name for Sun ONE. Its also renamed its office suite, formerly Mad ...

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Explaining the present difference between Capitalist and Socialist papers ... Though published abroad, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back had a wide circulation among advanced workers in Russia ...

One Step Back
... One Step Back. " spinning in circles gets old after a while ... my thoughts, both about life in general and more specifically the next step my life shall take ...

Kumite - One Step Sparring
Understanding Karate - Shotokan karate kata, kumite, kihon, bunkai, oyo, exercises, dojo etiquette, ranking requirements, and terminology presented in the textbook Introductory Karate. ... One Step Basic Sparring ... rising block with the left hand on top. Step back with the right leg into front stance and execute ...

Trader Mike: One Step Back, One Step Forward
June 10, 2003. One Step Back, One Step Forward. Perhaps the summer doldrums are setting in already. For the second day in a row volume has been noticeably lighter than it has been throughout this rally.

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Syndicate: full/short. RubyGems 0.7.0 has been Released. 09 Jul 04 [ printlinkall ] Updates to this site have been rather sporatic recently. Part of the reason is RubyGems version 0.7.0.

FCC: One step forward, one step back
... Dell set to jump back into blade server market ... FCC: One step forward, one step back. By John Dix ...

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Syndicate: full/short. Rake Version 0.4.0 is Out. 20 Jun 04 [ printlinkall ] This version has some minor changes and bug fixes. Fixes include a better way of determining file time stamps that doesnt give problems on Windows machines.

The New Republic Online: User Center
May 16, 2004. This Article is Available to Subscribers Only. Sign up now for instant access to this article and thousands more like it from the nation's most respected and influential source of political and cultural commentary.

Stocks set for a mixed open on Wall Street - Dec. 19, 2003
Stocks were poised to start mixed Friday, with investors cautious after the previous day's rally.

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