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Talk History
22:20:20:  [NIL8]VeNoM-iN-CT-(TEAM): VENOM is gonna do an ARMOR run prepair to be WACKED OFF!!!.. p.s. dont kill me... 22:20:21:  [NIL8]VeNoM-iN-CT-(TEAM): VENOM is gonna do an ARMOR run prepair to be WACKED OFF!!!.. p.s.

Talk History
... 22:31:18:  [NIL8]RoadMaster: blue doesn't match my pants. 22:31:27:  [NIL8]RoadMaster(TEAM): talking ...

CwO vs. Nil8
Fight Summary: CwO vs. Nil8. Screen Shots: Date: Sunday, 11-5-2000. Time: 8:00 PM. All right, tonight in IGL we were up against NIL8 on Openfire with the winner earning a chance to take on SD for the IGL title. ... you gotta fear any team that's got someone named [NIL8]Uncle Badass ...

... ANNIHILATE HOME PAGE - Clan Annihilate Forums ... and never see another ad or pop-up again. NIL8 Spacer! NIL8 Spacer! ...

Talk History
... 22:21:39:  [NIL8]McBain(TEAM): McBain transmitting...[1, 0] 22:21:49:  [NIL8]RoadMaster(TEAM): on RW ...

STA TeamFortress Classic League - Clan Information
STA TeamFortress Classic League - Clan Information. Annihilate. Contact 1: STuG37 ( ICQ: 164070242) Contact 2: mod12man ( ICQ: 64320250) IRC: #nil8. Join date*: 12/2/2002. Division: Gold Division. Status: active. Wins/Losses: recorded:

ALL MUSIC DOWNLOADS ARE FIXED!!! DOWNLOAD SOME MUSIC FROM DISCOGRAPHY AVENUE!!! NEW STUFF TO DOWNLOAD THAT WASN'T AVAILABLE BEFORE!! thanks jim! Just act like napster never went dark and download the heck out of whatever songs you can!

NIL8: TFC Clan Home Page
... the strength of many minds thinking alike. NIL8's strength is the dedication of it's players, the love the ... a very humble and warm welcome to NIL8!! He is a great ...

N - mp3 archive downloads
... Nil8 - Cathedral Of Erotic Misery. Nil8 - Chain. Nil8 - Chain. Nil8 - Conqueror. Nil8 - Day-Glo ...

ANNIHILATE [NIL8] TFC Team Fortress Classic Clan Home Page ... Round 1 started off with 2 early caps for NIL8. I cant remember the order that it went but ... Final score of round 1 was 8-5 NIL8 in favor ...

LO-TECH website! Click the monkey to enter

Cap History
... 22:47:48:  [NIL8]RoadMaster touched the flag as Medic. 22:48:29:  [NIL8]NightStalker touched the flag as Soldier ...

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