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The New Mud Web Index Page
The Mud Story. From Glam rock till today. ... and welcome to the New Mud web. Of course, there's a lot of good glam rock sites on ... is not affiliated with Mud or Les Gray's Mud. It's purely a ...

Zugg's MUD Client (zMUD)
... MudWorld] Host your MUD on Wolfpaw ... zMUD is the fastest and most versatileMUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows, with over 50,000 registered users ...

Mud Master
Mud Master is a 32bit mud client designed to run under Windows' console mode. The console mode is text based -- if you are looking for a graphical client with menus and a mouse-driven interface, MM isn't for you. ... should have no trouble getting used to Mud Master. I used Tintin for a while ...

Games/mud FAQ Index
... Games/mud FAQ. games/mud-faq/diku. Subject: FAQ: [diku] FAQ. Maintainer: ... Mud, giochi di ruolo, fantasy e fantascienza il portale di riferimento per Mud, giochi di ruolo, fantasy e fantascienzas ... Benvenuti in il portale dedicato ai Mud e ai giochi di ruolo. ...

The WWW VL: Educational Technology - Educational VR (MUD) sub-page (05-Jan-2000)
... Today, the concept "MUD" refers to all primarily text-based Multi-User Dimensions. MUD technology can be used for education in ...
Deutsche Gemeinschaft virtueller Welten. MUD Liste. Presse. Forschung. Resourcen. Banner. RC5. Impressum. Sponsoren. 10 Jahre Erfahrung mit Online Multi-Player Spielen. Willkommen in der Virtuellen Realität!

Mudconnect.Com : The Mud Connector - Online Gaming Compilation
TMC Navigation -- Documentation -- Whats New 05-02-2004. TMC Announcements. Terms of Service. The TMC FAQ. Introduction to Muds. Help Getting Connected. The MUD FAQ. Parental Warning. Table of Contents. Subscribe to TMC Channel. About TMC / Author ... Column: Daedalian Musing -- Mud Listings -- TMC Top 10 Muds ...

Discworld MUD
Discworld MUD is a multiplayer, text-based online game based on the Discworld books as written by Terry Pratchett. On Discworld you will meet many of the characters from those books. Terry's books...

Mud.DE: Die deutsche MUD-Liste/The German MUD List
... Hat ein MUD keine Heimatseite, so ist der Name auch nicht mit einem Verweis versehen ... webmaster@WWW.Mud.DE Last modified: Wed Jul 9 09:44:09 1997 ...

[]: FAQ #1/4: MUDs and MUDding
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Basic Information about MUDs and MUDding. This is part 1 in a 4 part series of FAQs. Disclaimer: This document may be seen to be biased towards TinyMUDs. ... What is a MUD? 1.2. What different kinds of MUDs are there ... How do I connect to a MUD? 1.6. What is a client program ...

The MUD Resource Collection: Index
The MUD Resource Collection is a list of links to many useful sources of MUD information.

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