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Larzon: Drums, Erik: Guitars, Nikola: Bass & Vocals, Mathias: Guitars. Millencolin is a skater-punk band outta Sweden. They play and sound like The Mr. T Experience, and sometimes like NOFX and Lagwagon. ... Life, and Move Your Car). Millencolin has been releasing their CD's in ...
Burning Heart Records - Home of Millencolin, Turbonegro, The Hives, Refused, Looptroop, Moneybrother, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Division Of Laura Lee, and many others... Looptroop. Lost Patrol, The. Millencolin. Moneybrother. Nikola Sarcevic. Nine ... 2004-06-16] MILLENCOLIN and D12 confirmed for Heart Attack Tour Stockholm 10/9 ...

Millencolin < ANTIPUNK/COM - deads not punk ... Burning Heart Records Millencolin , ... 94 Millencolin Skauch ...

LIFE ON A PLATE ( Burning Heart Records 1995) Life On A Plate es para mi y para muchos el mejor disco de lo suecos Millencolin. ... ska, si has escuchado a Millencolin es difícil que olvides su estilo ...

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Millencolin. Life On A Plate (1996) Pennybridge Pioneers (2000)

Millencolin. Biography; a background story ofMillencolin. Discography; a summary of all the albums and singles. Pictures; some pictures of Millencolin. Music; something for your ears. Lyrics; the lyrics from Millencolin's albums.

Millencolin France, tout sur Millencolin !
Millencolin France, toute l'infos (biographie, discographie, news, ect...), les goodies (mp3, videos, wallpapers, icones, ect...) et encore plus sur Millencolin France !! ... Bienvenue sur Millencolin France, visite le forum, laisse un message sur le livre d'or et fait un tour sur le Chat ... Bienvenue sur Millencolin France, noble fan de Millencolin ! ...

Bill's Millencolin Homepage
The Officially Unofficial Millencolin Page. Maintained By Bill. NEWS. ALBUMS. BIOGRAPHY. ABOUT THE PAGE. NOFX STUFF. PENNYWISE STUFF Mathias-Guitar, Larzon-Drums, Erik-Guitar, Nikola-Bass & Vox. people have been here since god knows when.

Millencolin Music and Discussion
... Home From Home. by Millencolin. Released 03/2002 ... by Millencolin. Released 06/1996. Discussion: Millencolin. hey everyone, i Really want Da Strike so if anyone knows where 2 ...
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