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Welcome to the M-80 Website!!
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Por la vuelta de M-80 CLUB a la programación de M-80
¿QUÉ ES M-80 CLUB? M-80 Club ha sido durante cuatro años (1995-1999), el programa de referencia de todos los amantes del pujante estilo musical del Acid Jazz. El programa siempre ha sido presentado y dirigido por Edu Salas.

What is an M-80? And why can't you buy one?
Buyer's guide. Video 4, 1-3. T-shirts. Fireworks Mall. What is an M-80? Alien Glow. in-the-Dark. Hard. Core. Pyro. Fireworks. Spell-out. Video #4. Video #1-3. Fireworks. Buyer's Guide. Fireworks. Dealers. Fireworks for. Everyone! 2003 color. catalogs. 2000 ... A true M-80 contains much more than 50 milligrams, and is therefore illegal ...
Issue #6 was released on April 3, 2004 with a drunken Texas-size wallup of a party at SQUARE RECORDS. Thanks to Geoff, Dave and Juniper for making it happen. The event was reviewed on the Experimental Behavior site:

Commercial CP/M Software Archive
... 01Mar01 Added a neat utility for CP/M-80 called Power. It's in the Misc ... version of FTL Modula/2 for CP/M-80 as well as a special version of M80 ...

Welcome to M-80
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M-80 punk rock hardcore ska skate noise band welcome
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- LA GRAMOLA. FM RADIO M-80 Translate
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This page is dedicated to the mighty M-80. No, i'm not talking about those cheap ass knock off M-80's you can get in South Carolina, I'm taking about the real deal. You won't find these in any fireworks shop, at least not in the USA.

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