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CREEM ONLINE: Lester Bangs Mainlines, Blood Feasts, And Bad Taste
A Personal Appreciation. by Jeffrey "Firebird" Morgan ... very roundabout way, to the enduring legend of Lester Bangsa man who, just last month in the ... directly to the generous spirit of Lester Bangs. It is a lasting ... archives: lester bangs
Top Fives. Radio On. Guestbook. What We Do. Who We Are. Contact. The Archives: Lester Bangs. ( A Section Unto Himself) ( Note: Dates listed are when the link was added to this site, not the date of the article itself.) ... Rock 'n' roll could use Lester Bangs today. By John Mark Eberhart, 'The Kansas City Star ... On the Occasion of a New Lester Bangs Book, Punk Pioneer Richard Hell Remembers ...

salon :: :: music :: feature :: Did Lester Bangs die in vain?, By Ira Robbins :: Page 1
Get a free Allstate quote. Search our Personals. Salon Master Classes. Arts & Entertainment. Books. Comics. Life. News. People. Politics. Sex. Tech & Business. Audio. Letters. Columnists. Corrections. Did Lester Bangs die in vain? ... 2000 | T here are two ways to recall Lester Bangs -- if anyone outside a small circle of friends ...

Lester Bangs on "Astral Weeks"
Astral Weeks. by Lester Bangs. From Stranded ( 1979) Van Morrison's Astral Weeks was released ten years, almost to the day, before this was written.

Lester Bangs- Last interview
Lester Bangs- last interview ... A Final Chat With Lester Bangs. photo by Roni Hoffman shortly after Lester arrived in New York, 1976 ... Lester Bangs was the great gonzo journalist, gutter poet, and romantic visionary ...

PopMatters Music Feature | Burying Lester Bangs
Burying Lester Bangs by Brian James - Dead at 33, Bangs has risen, Christ-like, from the pens and keyboards of hundreds or maybe thousands (what feels like millions) of rock scribes from sea to ... I know for certain is that Lester Bangs has most definitely convinced an ever ... imitations of Bangs's "speedflight wordsperm bullshit." ( Lester Bangs. " Two Assassinations and a ...

Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic - Jim DeRogatis
... Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic ... musicians and smartasses - then rock critic Lester Bangs was James Brown doing Frank Lloyd Wright ...

Lester Bangs and the Delinquents
... Lester Bangs and the Delinquents | Lester and the Delinquents in the News ... Lester Bangs recorded an album with the Austin, Texas base Punk group "The Delinquents" in 1980, entitled ...

Lester Bangs Interview, 1980
Everyone's a Rock Critic: The Lost Lester Bangs Interview. In 1980, following the release of Blondie, Lester Bangs was interviewed for a radio program called "News Blimp."

Dancing About Architecture: Lester Bangs Essay
... 1981 Village Voice Pazz and Jop Critics' Poll, Lester Bangs turned in a blank ballot, protesting the worthless ... Lester Bangs (hereafter referred to simply as Lester) was born in 1948 ...

* Dusted Features [ Crochety Nagging: Notes on Lester Bangs ] *
Dusted feature article.Crochety Nagging: Notes on Lester Bangs. Michael Crumsho attempts to get to the bottom of famed rocked critic Lester Bangs through John Morthland's new anthology of his ... for the first collection of the late Lester Bangs writings, editor Greil Marcus offered up the following ... approach the work of one Lester Bangs can one actually separate the ...

Lester Bangs tribute
Lester Bangs tribute. by Kurt Hernon (November 1999) " Mr. Narrator... this is Bob Dylan to me" - the Minutemen, "History Lesson - Part II" Lester Bangs was Bob Dylan. He was my Lou Reed. Lester Bangs was a Difference Maker.

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