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LAME DUCKS : ...Are You Lame Or Something?
LAME DUCKS ... Are You Lame Or Something? Fucking North Pole / MNW / Greystone / KOB / Leech, 2003. ROCK. Lammende skacore. Hjemmeside: ... Gutta i skacorepunkbandet Lame Ducks har tatt noen lange steg videre siden debuten Pick It Up i 2001 ...

Puls - Lame Ducks: ...Are You Lame Or Something?
Anmeldelse av ...Are You Lame Or Something? fra Lame Ducks fra Musikkavisen Puls ... dukker opp band som Lame Ducks. Riktignok er "...Are You Lame Or Something?"Lame Ducks' andre album, men denne skiva ...

phorum - Trondheim Underground Radio Forum - lame ducks
... si at vi har fått in lame ducks nå. are u lame or something heter plata (CD) og den ... Date: 22.05.03 14:20. lame ducks var bra,faktisk ...

... LAME DUCKS. LAME DUCKS are members who will not return in the next Congress but who are finishing ... Lame duck sessions are those held after the November election up to ...

Lame Ducks - Virgin Sessions
Information about the record Virgin Sessions by Lame Ducks at Norwegian Bandindex ... juli 2004. Plateinformasjon. Lame DucksFucking Northpole Records. Artistar på denne plata: Lame Ducks. Medlemers platemeldingar ...

Lame Ducks
Information about Lame Ducks at Norwegian Bandindex ... Finn plater med. Lame Ducks på. lameducks @ medlemer som likar Lame Ducks likar også ...

Fucking North Pole Records
Lame Ducksback. Lame Ducks is one of the most talented bands to hit the Norwegian punk scene in a long time. The band plays extroverted music in the ska-punk genre. Catchy tunes with a punch is the trademark of Lame Ducks.

Lame Ducks Official Site
Welcome to the official site of the Norwegian ska punk band, Lame Ducks. Join the official fanclub or see when the next gig is on. Run a Stage? - Order gig online!

lame ducks
Scottish Lame Ducks Disabled Angling Club, Enabling the disabled to enjoy the thrills of Fly-Fishing and competing on a level playing field with others the same as themselves. ... Welcome to the Website of the Scottish Lame Ducks Disabled Angling Club. lame ducks | about us ... This Photograph says what. the Lame Ducks are about. ...

Musikkavisen - Lame Ducks
... Plate: Lame Ducks - Pick It Up ... vellyd fra helnorske Lame Ducks. Disse gutta er antakeligvis medlemmer av Norges heiteste ska-pønk band ...

Lame Ducks gathering
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