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THE END OF KNEE JERK!!! last show Sat June 12th @ the Aggie in Ft. Collins, CO. 6-3-04 Hey Everybody, Sorry its been wayyy too long since we've updated this thing. So, here it is: the end of Knee Jerk is near!

knee-jerk. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993
... occurring frequently in the cliché a knee-jerk reaction, which means an automatic, predictable ... little rubber hammer: Shes a knee-jerk liberal, absolutely predictable in every ...

Jim Pascoe - music - Knee-Jerk Love
Knee-Jerk Love. Jim Pascoe. I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. I ain't got any rules. About when to do the laundry, when to do the dishes. Whenever the mood hits me. I smoke a cigarette, dance around naked. Maybe sing in my underwear ... Cause when I see ya (knee-jerk love) Walking down the street (knee-jerk love) ...

KNEE JERK REACTION - Funk rock and pop created by minds of science
Meet The Future Of Music: KJR - Live and recorded experiments in sonic and melodic anomalies. ... Check out these photos of KJR at Taix. Knee Jerk Reaction Main Website ... jerk
Definitions of knee jerk at ... 6 entries found for knee jerk. knee jerk. n. A reflex contraction of the quadriceps muscle resulting ... butcher's broom. Knee jerk ( Physiol.) a jerk or kick produced by a ...

Neuroscience for Kids - Reflexes
... The knee jerk reflex is one that you may have had tested at a check up at the ... The knee jerk reflex (seen in the figure to the right) is ...

Local - Knee jerk Nagpal
... Do you justify capital punishment for Saddam? Knee jerk Nagpal. By:A Mid Day Correspondent ... A knee injury upset Dhiraj Nagpals concentration as he failed to convert a two ...

CriminyPete.Com Knee Jerk Spoilers
... All reviews are copyrighted by CriminyPete's Knee Jerk Spoilers. Don't go using them without my permission ...

Knee Jerk
Welcome to the Knee Jerk band page at where you will find reviews, interviews, band histories, tour dates and more for the band Knee Jerk. ... the Dave Clark Five with modern pop punk, Knee Jerk produces a sound matching the energy of Green ...

Libertarian Party: Success 99: Knee-Jerk Libertarianism
... we describe these comments as "knee-jerk", meaning that the comments are ... that "knee-jerk libertarianism" is no more appealing than "knee-jerk liberalism" or "knee-jerk conservatism ... Daily Log: Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game
This site will look much, much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. ... Home: Daily Log: Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game July 01, 2004 Here's a fun game ... It's the Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game! Post your own favorites in the ... | THE KNEE JERK: Answering reader mail
... facts: Notre Dame has yet to cover the Knee Jerk’s Personal Hollywood Point Spread even once this season ... Until then, the Knee Jerk will continue to call for Willingham’s firing ...

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