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Electrorock by Kill-A-Watts at Audio Lunchbox
Audio Lunchbox is an online music store that focuses on independent artists and delivering high quality audio to consumers. ... Patience & Science. Electrorock. by Kill-A-Watts. Label: Rip Off Records ...

Midheaven Mailorder | Browse by Artist: KILL-A-WATTS
KILL-A-WATTS. Prices listed do not include shipping/handling. Click here for our freight chart. All prices in U.S. dollars. ... The fucking KILL-A-WATTS finally plug in for their first full-length record ...

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Kill-A-Watts, MP3 Music Download from eMusic
Kill-A-Watts MP3s at eMusic. Download Kill-A-Watts albums, tracks and songs for free with eMusic's trial subscription. ... Track Search. Label Search. Kill-A-Watts. See recommendations based on this artist ... / articulos - KILL-A-WATTS.
KILL-A-WATTS. - E-zine de punk-rock'n'roll con entrevistas, discos, conciertos, articulos, agenda de conciertos actualizada y una completa guía con enlaces ... que se llama knez (Ka-nez) empezó a soltar nombres, y Kill-a-watts fue uno de ellos ... dice Propiedad del departamento atlético de los Kill-A-Watts. Talla XXXXL ...

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Flying BombrecordspresentsKill-a-wattsLets Get High Voltage7"EPFLB-120Have you seen the Kill-a-watts?Have you heard them? If so then wedont need to sell you on this EP. If yourein the dark, then read on.
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kill-a-watts at opal music - the premier site for indie music ... OPALMUSICHOME PAGE. kill-a-watts << kill-a-watts - mailing list ... KILL-A-WATTS Electrorock -- (US CD album on Rip Off) ... 11.95. KILL-A-WATTS Electrorock -- (US vinyl LP on Rip Off ...

Rip Off) Goddamn it, I love bratty punk rock girls who'd rather rock than fuck, and Kill-A-Watt's own axe slinger and sometimes screamer Jennifurball is one of the punkest. ... Jennifurball is one of the punkest. Kill-A-Watts are Wisconsin bred snot rockers with no agenda ... of Saturday night. The Kill-A-Watts electrorockin' threatens to fall apart at ...


Bay Area kill-a-watts see darkened offices at end of tunnel
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Grunnen Rocks - Free Vinyl #91
Free Vinyl #91. 2003, may 8 - may 15. Kill-A-Watts ( Kryptonite Records) This was free vinyl #91, for all upcoming free vinyl giveaways, see the free vinyl overview page. ... of you an awesome 7". It's by excellent Kill-A-Watts, it's entitled Then & Now and it's out on cool ...

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