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Franz Kafka on the Web
Franz Kafka on the Web. When we started this site back in early 1996, there was hardly anything available by or on Franz Kafka. This has changed significantly. Debat
Kafka - by Wendelboe Design of Denmark. Oriuentering og debat om sager, hvor den lille mand kommer i klemme i syetemet. Aalborg skandalen. Dåbssagen fra Thy, svindel i Højesteret. ... Forsiden. Hvorfor Debat. Nyttige links. Hvem er Kafka. Indhold. ©. 2001 ...

Anti-fascistische Onderzoeksgroep Kafka
X-UIDL: H1>!!i4_"!V\>"!a>G"! Antifascistische Onderzoeksgroep Kafka. - ... Antifascistische Onderzoeksgroep Kafka. Kafka doet onderzoek naar extreem-rechtse stromingen en ontwikkelingen in ...

Franz Kafka
The Beat Generation : Writers from the Beat Era of American Literature ... Franz Kafka, b. Prague, Bohemia (then belonging to Austria), July 3, 1883, d ... unknown during his lifetime, the works of Kafka have since been recognized as symbolizing modern man's ...

The Kafka project
The Kafka project Created by Mauro Nervi, the site's primary aim is to publish online all of Kafka's texts in German, in the form of manuscripts. The site is very comprehensive, well designed and ...

Kafka "The Will" brand new cd out May 15th on Hurry Up! Records
ENTER KAFKA WEBSITE - screaming and chaotic hardcore. " " !

Franz Kafka pictures photo album-biography
Franz Kafka pictures photo album-biography This Web page, created by Daniel Hornek, has a number of interesting visual images relating to the life and work of the Jewish Czech-born writer Franz ...

Franz Kafka Website, University of Bonn
Franz Kafka Website, University of Bonn Franz Kafka Website is a complex and impressive website set up by the Germanistisches Seminar of the University of Bonn, as a multimedia teaching project. ...

Constructing Franz Kafka
A vintage site dedicated to the writings of Franz Kafka, member of the German-speaking minority in the Czech city Prague, and author of world famous novels--Der Prozeß (The Trial), Das Schloß (... Thank you for stopping by at our Franz Kafka site. This site is a project started by participants of the spring 1996 Franz-Kafka graduate seminar taught by Dr ...

The Castle Home Page
NEW!!Browse through the new Castle Gift Shop! A variety of Kafka-related items, with reviews and pictures, and all instantly available for purchase! Check out ". . . a buzzing in the wires . . ." the new Kafka discussion forum!

Franz Kafka konkret. Web-Site zu Franz Kafka, betreut von Gerhard Rieck
Franz Kafka konkret. Inhalt: Übersichten zu Biographie, Primär- und Sekundärliteratur; Links; Kritisches zur akademischen Literaturwissenschaft ... Kurzbiographie von Franz Kafka. Kurze Übersicht über die Primärliteratur von Franz Kafka. Kurze Übersicht über die ...

"Kafka", by Lem Dobbs
KAFKA by Lem Dobbs PRAGUE - MORNING The Old Town is quiet. It's very early in the twisted streets of this ancient ghetto. Dark corners casting a medieval spell over a modern century oblivious to their romance and mystery. ... GABRIELA looks around from a file cabinet. KAFKA I'm Kafka -- I work upstairs in Accident -- GABRIELA I know. KAFKA ...

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