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Zany, Pointless and Just Plain Bizzare Web Sites
Zany, Pointless and Just Plain Bizzare Web Sites. Have you ever just been surfing around the web, looking for something important and came across a website that made you think to yourself: "what the hell is this?".

just bitching about really just pointless bitching
Old - New - Contact - Diaryland. 2003-08-31 - 3:03 a.m. i'm gonna make this fast and hope my computer doesn't crash... and tonight is probably just one of those times when ... to girls now and just being like "girls are fucking ... they are full of shit. i just think sometimes ...

blancmange - ok, noir isn't that bad. just pointless.
intro. dossier. forum. reviews. stuff. fanart. av_con. links. vote. a new realm of pain" Chris: ADDENDUM: Apparently this was in-joke humour. ... inconsiderate prat getting his just desserts for spoiling people's ... Kosuke Fujishima (I swear... just the art... really.) So once ... Just a small additon: I created and uploaded Mark's ...

... -PoInTLeSS- He did not smile wildly and tease when he saw her, nor did he tattoo her ... of the 5 books i just bot; i.m a slow reader ...

:: Cubed3 | Interactive Nintendo Games Database ::
An unofficial Nintendo database community site. ... cant help you there" to a request , or just plain repeating whats already been said over and over ... can but isnt just repeating what was said pointless? They should try ...

another pointless dotcom - just curious
... You are currently located at another pointless dotcom, the personal website of Jonathan Horak ... just curious. Why the hell does my laptop have a parallel port ...

IGN Boards - Is total punch control pointless when just pressing the buttons is faster?
... Is total punch control pointless when just pressing the buttons is faster ... Topic: Is total punch control pointless when just pressing the buttons is faster ...

Simon Fell > Its just code > pointless ?
Web Services on the move. Simon Fell > Its just code > pointless ? Sunday, June 15, 2003. pointless ? Is it just me, or is this an entirely pointless use of RSS. <

Bret Michaels is just pointless
Today's Tempo stories from The Cincinnati Enquirer ... Review: Bret Michaels is just pointless. Kitchens play catch-up ...

Just Pointless
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Pointless Games -- Free Online Browser-Based Shockwave and Flash Games!
Free Web browser based Internet games! Pointless Games has many free Shockwave and Flash games to play in your Web browser. ... Pointless Games will be judged. Right now, I'm laughing too hard to know what else to say about this new gem. You just ... game that I just happen to have ...

Just Pointless
... --Welcome to the official band site of Just Pointless!-- ... Welcome to the new and improved Just Pointless site! Theres some new stuff, so search around ...

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