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network styly *: June 2003 Archives
... Main | July 2003 . June 30, 2003 ... Posted by scmr at 03:44 AM(permalink) ...

June of '44
... Rodan guitarist Jeff Mueller about his new venture, June Of '44. " and Sean's grandfather was in the war of '44 ... The long awaited new June of 44 album, Anahata, was ...

june of 44
... article with lots of nautical-related puns-how June of 44 take the visual aesthetic of seagoing and ... Easy indeed, especially with June of 44 record titles like "Engine Takes ...

iMusic Indie Showcase - June Of '44 on the ARTISTdirect Network
June Of '44 Feature on iMusic. Includes photos, audio clips, bio, album info, and bulletin board. ... Add Content. June Of '44. " My mom, in fact, was born in 1944," says former Rodan guitarist ... Mueller about his new venture, June Of '44. " and Sean's grandfather was ...

Sponic Zine - Music Reviews - June of 44
June of 44. Originally appeared in issue: 3. 6/14/1998. Four Great Points. RATING: ( 5 logos is max rating) 1998 - Quarterstick - CD. On this, June of 44's third LP, they expand upon their past albums both in terms of length and scope.

June of 44 - Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music
The premier site for independent music on the web. Downloadable and streaming music for those not satisfied with the stagnant world of popular music. ... web site. June of 44 defines the term "indie rock" to a certain extent ... influential throughout the underground music world. June of 44's unique mix of punk rock and post ...

June of 44 - Engine takes to the water
... June of 44. Engine takes to the water ... in a fair mixture of the sound of these bands! June of 44 might have the feriocity and dark edge of Hoover ... Music: Engine Takes to the Water
Engine Takes to the Water, June Of 44, Quarterstick

Record Review (Detroit Metro Times)
... RECORD REVIEW. Anahata. June of 44. Quarterstick. ... on a June of 44 album typewriters, Moog synths, melodic-skronk guitars, avant-howling, Miles at Fillmore-esque ...

maritime tunesmiths union [June Of 44]
More pages from A Glance: June Of 44
... Four Great Points ~ June Of 44. Average Customer Review ... Engine Takes to the Water ~ June Of 44. Average Customer Review ...

Yahoo! LAUNCH - June Of 44: Artist Page
LAUNCH Home Help. The Pixies. The White Stripes. Elliott Smith. Modest Mouse. Why Rate? AnahataIn The Fish TankFour Great PointsThe Anatomy Of SharksTropics And Meridiansmore... > MEMBER. RADIO STATION

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