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Screenshots: Help the man with the jetpack get through loads of levels. If you complete those, you can always download the others below. Note: Read the "readme" file to find out how to play extra levels. Download Size : 484kb ... and the rating of the game from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Download Jetpack here! ... - Personal 'jetpack' gets off the ground - February 6, 2002
It may only hover a few feet above the Earth right now, but the inventor of the SoloTrek XFV hopes that one day it will allow people to swoop and dive at distances comparable to a small airplane. ... But unlike a plane, the SoloTrek "jetpack" is being designed to land on a dime with more maneuverability than a ...

Wired News: Jetpack Flies (Two Feet) High
... HotBot (the Web) Jetpack Flies (Two Feet) High ... successfully tested a one-person flying machine -- a jetpack, in the common parlance -- that lifted the company's CEO ...

Adept Software - Jetpack
Try this great new social networking & dating service. Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. I received a ton of mail and submissions by people creating their own jetpack levels.

Adept Software - Classic Games
Adept Software is the home of the classic games Jetpack, Squarez, & God of Thunder! ... games but they work fine under Windows, and even run in windowed mode. Jetpack has currently exceeded 400,000 downloads ... Support the author of Jetpack with the Honor System ...

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Future Horizons inc: Jetpacks
... Much of our flying jetpack development was based on this unit ... About the Jetpack. The jetpack is roughly 100" wide and 48" tall ...

Jetpack (DOS/Windows) cheats, codes, hints, and FAQs
Cheat codes, level passwords, and strategy links for Jetpack. ... SALES ·. SEARCH. Jetpack. Cheat mode: Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat ...

The Johnny Jetpack Homepage
Overview. Johnny Jetpack is a 3D platform game that is sort of a cross between, the classic arcade game, Joust and, the nintendo game, PilotWings. Johnny Jetpack uses his jetpack to rocket from platform to platform in search of coins and jet fuel.

Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs - Seattle, WA
Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs conducts aerospace research and creates art in Seattle, Washington. ... Johnny Jetpack. NEW - June 26, 2004. Johnny Jetpack Launch ... Johnny Jetpack is a 7 and a half foot tall puppet/dummy attached to a giant water rocket backpack ...

Photologs and MoBlogs: Buzznet
FEATURED PHOTO. desamis. VISIT PERSONAL GALLERY. RECENTLY UPDATED. BUZZNET IN THE NEWS. home page | about | faq | terms of service | advertisers | investor relations. English. Français. :

Jetpack - Free Games Net
Review of Jetpack, by Free Games Net ... Your goal in Jetpack is to collect all the gems on a level to proceed to the next ... this but you have a Jetpack and a phase shifter to help ...

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