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LINK-Radlinski Publications--Anatomy of a Jackknife
... THE ANATOMY OF A TRACTOR TRAILER JACKKNIFE. By: ... In order to understand how a tractor trailer jackknife occurs and how to prevent it, it is helpful to have a ...

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JACKKNIFE AND ANALYTICAL BIASREDUCTION FOR NONLINEAR PANEL MODELSBy Jinyong Hahn and Whitney Newey11Neweys research was partially supported by the NSF under Grant No. 0136869. Able research assis-tance was provided by C. Hansen. ... reduced by using a paneljackknife or an analytical bias correction motivated ...
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Jackknife Instrumental Variables Estimation
Author(s): Joshua D. Angrist & Guido W. Imbens & Alan Krueger Abstract: Two-stage-least-squares (2SLS) estimates are biased towards OLS estimates. This bias grows with the degree of over-... is achieved by using a `leave-one-out' jackknife-type fitted value in place of the usual first ... Moreover, the jackknife estimators appear to be less sensitive than LIML to ...

JACKKNIFE. . . . ... web master JACKKNIFE. 2002.7.82002.12.11 ...

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Physics 6730 Jackknife Error Estimates. One of the central goals of data analysis is an estimate of the uncertainties in fit parameters. Sometimes standard methods for getting these errors are unavailable or inconvenient.

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Fitness Quest Ab Lounge 2 Jackknife - More effective than the standard bent knee crunch, the Ab Lounge 2 focuses the workout strictly on your stomach muscles, keeping your head, neck and back... ...

Atlantic Jackknife Clam
Atlantic Jackknife Clam (Ensis directus) This clam, found along the Atlantic coast from South Carolina to Canada, is not only a fast borrower but also a good swimmer. ... can expel water and propel itself through the water. The jackknife clam uses its foot to burrow vertically in the sand ...

Jackknife music
... GUESTBOOK | FORUM. Jackknife Band of the Week Bagster ... Heaps happening in the Jackknife World. We're working with Boomtown Records to bring the biggest lineup in ...

The jackknife
Example: Patch Data. The jackknife. A little history, the first idea related to the bootstrap was Von-Mises, who used the plug-in principle in the 1930's. ... in class that if the bias is of the order as in then the Jackknife estimate is in ... Estimate the bias using the jackknife %Theta has to be a character ...

Under the Jackknife...The Sherlockian Mantel
Under the Jackknife... The Sherlockian Mantel of. Leslie S. Klinger. Biography: Born in Chicago, Illinois, I migrated to the West Coast to attend UC Berkeley in the turbulent '60's.

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