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the brentwoods
the brews
the brian jonestown massacre
the briefs
the briggs
the broadside beat
the brodys
the brokedowns
the broken promise
the bronx
the brood
the bruce chi affair
the bruisers
the buff medways
the bunny complex
the burnouts
the business
the butcher
the butchies
the buzzcocks
the byrds
the c.a. quintet
the cable car theory
the cadence
the cancer conpiracy
the candy snatchers
the carpettes
the cars
the casket lottery
the casualties
the catalinas
the catheters
the catholic girls
the celibate rifles
the challengers
the chantays
the charismatics
the charlatans uk
the chesterfield kings
the chills
the chinese millionaires
the chinkees
the chocolate watchband
the chords
the chronics
the church
the circle jerks
the circles
the clap
the clash


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