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the bags
the ballistics 13
the bananas
the band
the bangles
the barbarians
the barracudas
the basement brats
the bats
the beach boys
the beat
the beatles
the beautiful mistake
the beguiled
the bel-airs
the bellrays
the beltones
the benjamins
the berlin project
the berzerkers
the bevis frond
the big heat
the bigoz quartet
the bips
the birthday party
the black crowes
the black halos
the black keys
the blacks
the blamed
the blasters
the blood brothers
the bloodline
the blow monkeys
the blowtops
the bobbyteens
the bodies
the boils
the bollweevils
the bones
the bonnevilles
the boo radleys
the boomtown rats
the boss martians
the bouncing souls
the bowlcuts
the boxing nuns
the boys
the break
the breeders


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