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the shape
the sharp ease
the shitfux
the shitgiveits
the shmefkins
the shocker
the short fuses
the shove its
the showcase showdown
the sick
the sick sixty six
the silence
the sires
the sisters of mercy
the skels
the skeptix
the skidmarks
the skids
the skulls
the sleazies
the slits
the slobs
the smashing pumpkins
the smears (uk)
the smelly anchors
the smiths
the smugglers
the snake the cross the crown
the snot rockets
the soft boys
the softer side
the solar lodge
the sonics
the sonora pine
the sounds
the sounds of silence
the space cowboys
the spaceshits
the spades
the sparrow
the specials
the specimens
the speedles
the spiders
the spill canvas
the spinoffs
the spits
the splash four
the squares
the stab


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