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the residents
the residuals
the restarts
the retreads
the reunion show
the revels
the reverend horton heat
the revillos
the rezillos
the ridicules
the riff randells
the rip chords
the rip offs
the rip-chords
the rippers
the riverboat gamblers
the roadbowlers
the rock*a*teens
the rockets
the rockin' chair!
the rocking horse winner
the rolling stones
the romantics
the rude boys
the ruffians
the ruminants
the runaways
the saints
the salads
the satelliters
the saturn v featuring orbit
the scam
the scandals
the scarred
the scenic route
the scientists
the scissor girls
the scoundrelles
the screamin' scotts
the screws
the scuffs
the scurvies
the sealants
the searchers
the seeds
the selecter
the sentinals
the sewergrooves
the sex pistols
the shaggable sluts


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