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the plus ones
the podunx
the pogues
the police
the pop group
the pop narcotic
the pork dukes
the preps
the pretenders
the pretty things
the primate 5
the prisoners
the prisonerís dilemma
the problematics
the process
the professionals
the profits
the proletariat
the promise ring
the psychedelic furs
the psyclone rangers
the pug uglies
the pushers
the pushovers
the put-downs
the put-ons
the pyramids
the quakes
the queers
the quickies
the quitters
the radiators
the radioactives
the raincoats
the ramones
the randies
the rapture
the raspberries
the rationals
the real kids
the real mckenzies
the reason
the red krayola
the redrum
the reds
the reducers
the reekys
the reflection
the renascent
the replacements


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