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the leaves
the leaving trains
the lee harvey oswald band
the leg hounds
the legionnaires
the lemonheads
the libertines
the line
the litter
the lively ones
the living end
the locomotions
the locust
the long ryders
the lords of the new church
the loudmouths
the lucky stiffs
the lurkers
the lust-o-rama
the lyres
the m-80's
the madness
the maggots
the magnificent
the magnolias
the makers
the mansfields
the mark of cain
the mars volta
the marvels
the matches
the meanies
the meatmen
the mekons
the mellers
the members
the merton parkas
the methadones
the mexican blackbirds
the midnight evils
the mighty lemon drops
the mighty mighty bosstones
the milkshakes
the misfits
the misfortunes
the misplaced
the missing 23rd
the mission uk
the mistreaters
the misunderstood


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