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the indecisives
the independents
the indigents
the inhalants
the insomniacs
the international noise conspiracy
the isebel's pain
the issue
the jacks
the jam
the jazz butcher
the jealous sound
the jelly bellys
the jerry spider gang
the jesters
the jesus & mary chain
the jesus and mary chain
the jesus lizard
the jet city fix
the jet set
the jetset
the jewws
the jon spencer blues explosion
the joykiller
the juliana theory
the junior varsity
the karl hendricks trio
the kent 3
the kicks
the kills
the kings of nuthin
the kingsmen
the kinks
the klopeks
the knack
the knob
the knockout pills
the knox
the kwyet kings
the la de das
the la's
the lambrettas
the last
the last call
the last place you look
the last year
the laundrettes
the lawndarts
the lawrence arms
the lazy cowgirls


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