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fuzz-in-the-box's journal
... All's well outside of this shit - although my attempt at getting in touch with 'a certain someone' has ... just about over all this shit and all I want to do ...

Shit Happens - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Shit Happens. SHIT HAPPENS in various world religions TAOISM: Shit happens. CONFUCIANISM: Confucius say, "Shit happens". ZEN: (What is the sound of shit happening?) JESUITISM: If shit happens and when nobody is watching, is it really shit?

Welkom op Shit-Happens
Welkom op Shit-Happens, ontlasting hoeft geen probleem en taboe te zijn. Wij proberen aan te tonen dat poep allerdaags en menselijk is.

The Shit Club
The only place on the net where shit is the main subject ... UsShit Club StoriesGive Us A Shit StoryShit PicturesUpload Shit PicturesRead Shit JokesBritney ... This SiteLink The Shit CLubContact The Shit ClubOur Disclaimer ...

Shit Happens
Shit Happens : Close to complete Ideology and Religion shit happens List

The internet is shit
The internet is shit. It is vitally important that we all realize this and move on. People (eg Bloggers) go on and on about how wonderful it is. About how much information is out there in cyberspace.

Adam Sandler's Shit List
The Shit List. An alphabetical listing of the shit we put up with every day. Personal Favorites. THE ALIEN SHIT. Green. ' Nuff said. - THE ANDREW SHIT. Like an old friend named Andrew, this one just never quite goes away.

Spunk Library. SHIT HAPPENS in various world religions ---------------------------- Taoism: Shit happens. If you can shit, it isn't shit. Shit happens, so flow with it. Hare Krishna: Shit Happens, Rama Rama Ding Ding.

Wikipedia: Shit
Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'Shit' ... Shit is a vernacular word of English that means "feces". Usage The word shit is considered vulgar, and thus ...

shOot MEEE in the aSS!
get rid of this ad | advertise here. Home. Archives. Contact. Monday, November 26, 2001 ::: i went to borders with a friend.. then we went to starbucks. yeah, and i confirmed THE rumor about john working at starbucks. YUP. he does. haha. ... so uh, we were talking about pre-requisites for dates. HAHAa. oh shit. hella random ... hate thinking about college apps and shit. why can't i just get in without having ...

Religions (shit)
World Religions. Taoism. Confucianism. Buddism. Shit happens. Confucius says, "Shit Happens." If shit happens, it isn't really shit. Islam. Hinduism. Mormon. If shit happens, it is the will of Allah. This shit happened before. ... shoot and burn our own shit. Of course, GOD created this shit. Chop the shit. ...

shOot MEEE in the aSS!
... def" and "pris" oh yea. all nasty and shit. i also ran into alan ... aunt's viewing in san leandro. oh shit son. i actually went up to the casket to ...

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