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Palm is now palmOne and PalmSource - US
Develops, manufactures, and sells palm size computing products and accessories. (Nasdaq: PALM). Handheld computers are a common tool in businesses and homes, and their popularity is rising. is "part of the Open Source Software movement, focused specifically on ...

... NVIDIA Software. Desktop. Handheld. Video l Audio. Workstation. Media Center ... rich multimedia experience on mobile phones and handheld devices. These products deliver a great visual ...

Handheldmed -
THE site for physicians, residents, and medical students devoted to clinical hand held computing news, reviews, and informatics in medicine. ... ground up for electronic access on handheld devices. Coupled with new Handheldmed ... cardiovascular disease by providing instant handheld-based access to authoritative monographs on ... Handheld
Editorial: Making universities more equitable. Letters: We're all diminished in our pursuit of strange gods [ Top ] Visit for the most up-to-date news. Copyright TheAge Company Ltd 2004. Handheld
Editorial: Letting the children go. Column 8. Spike: Under fashion's skin. Letters: Australian politics should be for Australians only. Obituaries: Favoured host of the rich and famous [ Top ] Visit for the most up-to-date news

The Handheld Librarian
The Handheld Librarian. Librarians sharing news, applications, and ideas of interest with others working with handheld computer technology. ( ... too can blog and be a Handheld Librarian! Email me at lbell927 ...
Any Time Anywhere- Real Time Communication. Whats Driving Imaging Scanner Sales from SCAN. More Bang for Their Buck from Retail Technology. HHP Wins Major Contract with German Rail. More... - The Sydney Morning Herald
... Home > Handheld how to. Thursday August 7, 2003 ... Handheld access is not currently offered as one of AvantGo's News/Media channels ... Electronics: PalmOne Vx Handheld
... anodized aluminum exterior and LCD screen as the Palm Vx handheld. Yet it has four times the memory ... your PC and your Palm handheld, as well as any number of ...
... 8 5) 273 5949. E-mail: www: ...

NetBSD/hpcmips: finally, a real operating system choice for your handheld PC! Modern, portable, elegant, secure -- of course it runs NetBSD. ... for some of the hardware that NetBSD/hpcmips runs on: MIPS based systems in Microsoft's H/PC (Handheld PC) form factor ...

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