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Hagfish - Rocks Your Lame Ass
Texas based rock band. News, show dates, audio samples, and lyrics.

Introduction to the Myxini
... which best describes the Myxini is "Lovecraftian". Hagfish are long, slender and pinkish, and are best ... slime which they produce. Hagfish have three accessory hearts, no cerebrum or ...

OceanLink: OceanInfo - The Hagfish Page
... Hagfish. Lineage: Kingdom Animalia. Phylum Chordata ... For a long time, people thought of hagfish as scavengers and parasites, probably due to their habit or burrowing into ...

Sea Grant News Media Center - Maine/New Hampshire - Hagfish
Sea Grant is a partnership between government, academia, industry, scientists, and private citizens to help Americans understand and sustainably use our precious Great Lakes and ocean waters for ... Today, the slime eel or hagfish is a rapidly growing fishery in New England where earnings nearly ... restriction of traditional fisheries. Hagfish are valued for their skins, which are ...

Hagfish Slime Research
Hagfish Slime Research. Research in this field is conducted in our lab by. Douglas S. Fudge, Ph.D. The hagfishes are renowned for their ability to produce vast quantities of slime when provoked. ... Hagfish slime is produced in numerous glands that line both sides of the hagfish's body, and is ...

Hagfish At Home
Hagfish At Home. Hello, out there. We are three students from Surrey, BC who are attending a Youth Forum at Bamfield, BC. During our stay here, we discovered a fascinating substance: HAGFISH SLIME. ... The hagfish is a primitive fish that lives in deep water close ...

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Pacific Hagfish
... The Pacific hagfish ranges from Southern California to Southeastern Alaska in depths of 10-500 fm ... shallower depths, 40-100 fm. Hagfish are found mostly over muddy bottoms, but ...
Site offers tour dates, discussion board, lyrics and MP3 section.

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Sea and Sky: Atlantic Hagfish
Atlantic Hagfish. Other Names: Slime Eel. Scientific Name: Myxine glutinosa. Size Range: 16 - 32 inches. Habitat: World wide. Depth Range: Down to 4000 feet. The hagfish is a true monster of the deep. ... In fact, a single hagfish can produce enough slime at one time to fill a ...

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