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Gyroscopes Online - The Best Gyroscope Store
This site sells a range of gyroscopes, including gyroscope toys, powerball gyroscopes, gyroscopes toys, gyro and gyros. ... The Super Precision Gyroscope is an all new gyroscope, designed and built to the highest ... 7 minutes (4 minutes for experiments) More infomation about super precision gyroscope ...

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Motus Bioengineering, Inc. quantifies human movement with a unique gyroscope system.
... Quantify Movement Disorders. with a Gyroscope. click on image to zoom in ... disorders that utilizes a unique miniature solid state gyroscope (not gravity sensitive accelerometers ...
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... have never found an explanation of why a gyroscope should resist being turned in any direction perpendicular to ... Maybe the workings of a gyroscope seem obvious to some and needs ...

Gyroscopes - Elmer Sperry and Charles Stark Draper Gyroscopes
A biography on inventor Elmer Sperry and the history of gyroscopes. ... and physicist, is responsible for giving the name gyroscope to a wheel or rotor mounted in gimbal rings ... Foucault named his gyroscope in 1852. A year earlier (1851) Foucault invented ...

Development of a real time in situ observing system in the North Atlantic ocean, by an array of Lagrangian profiling floats. GyroScope aims to contribute to the development of a European component of the global observing systems, and of ... GyroScope is a project funded by the European Commission and the participating ...

Gyroscope Home Page
Gyroscope Interactive Photography produces the very finest QuickTime VR content- directed by Tim Petros- with over 20 years professional commercial photography, QTVR expert since 1995 ... Gyroscope has a reputation for producing the very finest interactive photography ... MMIV Gyroscope Interactive Photography and T.Petros Tel.:818-706-1231 ...

Howstuffworks "How Gyroscopes Work"
Did you know that airplanes and space shuttles use the utterly low-tech gyroscope for navigation? Discover the secret behind gyroscopic motion!

Gyroscope - Rate Gyro - Inertial Sensors
accurate and durable gyroscope ... The rate gyroscope uses Coriolis effect of sensor element (vibrating resonator chip) to sense ... shock/vibrations, hence the rate gyroscope can maintain consistent performance in harsh ...

... Gyroscope. The gyroscope was invented in 1852 by the French experimental physicist Leon Foucault (1819-1868 ... latitude of its location. His gyroscope was a rapidly rotating disk with ...

... One typical type of gyroscope is made by suspending a relatively massive rotor inside three rings called gimbals ... The classic image of a gyroscope is a fairly massive rotor suspended ...

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