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Up-to-date Fugazi fan site put together by a group of dedicated Fugazi fans. ... Next Fugazi Show: No Shows Planned. LIVE FUGAZI SHOWS! ...

Dischord | Bands | Fugazi
... a film/video by Jem Cohen and Fugazi. 115 minutes, shot 1987-98 ... Fugazi Live Series cds are available from ...

SOUTHERN | fugazi > biography
... Guy Picciotto- Vocals and Guitar. Fugazi is a band from Washington, D.C ... Fugazi's most recent musical releases are "The Argument" 10 song lp and the "Furniture" 3 ... -=- fugazi
TO CHECK OUT. music / fugazi. Jump to Any Album... MARBLES PRE-ORDER. Front Row Club Releases -- NEW -- Christmas in the Chapel. Transatlantic Live Europe -- Coming Soon -- Christmas 2003. Front Row Box Set -- Marillion -- Afraid of Sunlight ... From Dusk 'til Dot. Fugazi. Holidays in Eden. Live at the Borderline ... : Fugazi : Artist Main presents complete artist information on Fugazi, including news, bio, message boards, song clips and more. ... Artist Main: Fugazi. Biography. Video. News ... Add a link to your "Fugazi" fan site on! ...

... Please go here for the Fugazi Live CD Series: ...

lazyeye band profile: Fugazi
... Fugazi's Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto talk about life, music and keeping it real after a decade of ... Look up Fugazi in any alt/rock/music guide and you'll find ...

SOUTHERN | fugazi
... Fugazi bass player, Joe Lally, has announced the launch of a new website to sell CDs of the ... For many years, Fugazi has made a point of taping our live ...

Fugazi- Ian MacKaye interview
Photos by dFx. IAN MACKAYE INTERVIEW. by Billy Bob Hargus (April 1997) It's one thing to start an influential hardcore (some would tell you THE hardcore band) like the legendary Minor Threat. ... Ian MacKaye and Fugazi are definitely true to their roots and their music ... bands had their own reason to exist. Fugazi just happens to be the latest project (albeit the ...

Prindle Record Reviews - Fugazi
Dischord Records was started by Ian McKaye and Jeff Nelson (and maybe a few others, too...) ... important thing is that, going against all expectation, Fugazi did not turn out to be a one-trick ... how best to describe this first Fugazi EP? Very rhythm-driven with ...

Fugazi: The Argument: Pitchfork Review
... that it's a really good idea-- MacKaye and Fugazi have been a major cultural force in the last ... memorial for the members of Fugazi is the band's collective politics which ...

Fugazi Lyrics
Fugazi Lyrics! Huge archive of punk rock music lyrics! Always being updated and contains new and hard to find punk lyrics from the late 70's to now!

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