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Eleventh Dream Day pictures, news, links, biography, lyrics, reviews, discography and a message board. ... Fans of Eleventh Dream Day. Vote for Eleventh Dream Day ... Sheet Music & Tabs. Eleventh Dream Day Auctions. Contact ... : Eleventh Dream Day : Artist Main presents complete artist information on Eleventh Dream Day, including news, bio, message boards, song clips and more. ... Add a link to your "Eleventh Dream Day" fan site on! ...

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Cyberdelic. Tours. Bands. Label. Mailorder. Links. Help. Eleventh Dream Day. Add a review. Add a URL. Bandname. Eleventh Dream Day. Country. US / Chicago. Founded. 1983. Musicstyle. Indie Neo Psych. Search for Eleventh Dream Day in the internet. 7 Links :: Eleventh Dream Day
... ELEVENTH DREAM DAY. Eleventh Dream Day EP (Amoeba) 1987 ... of popular acceptance and record company balance sheets, Eleventh Dream Day's place in the alt-rock annals is among the ...

ELEVENTH DREAM DAY. CURRENT PERSONNEL. Janet Bean (also in Freakwater), drums, vocals. Douglas McCombs (also in Tortoise), bass. Rick Rizzo (also in Red Red Meat), guitar, vocals. DISCOGRAPHY. SINGLES. WAYNE ( ... ELEVENTH DREAM DAY ( Amoeba A 002, Mini-LP, 1988): Walking through the Barrel of a Gun / Vein of Gold / Not the Ballad of ...

ELEVENTH DREAM DAY. Founded in 1983 by Rick Rizzo (guitar, vocals) and Janet Beveridge Bean (drums, vocals), Eleventh Dream Day was joined soon thereafter by Douglas McCombs (bass) and Baird Figi (Guitar).

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Eleventh Dream Day at ... play guitar utilizing a Neil Young songbook. Eleventh Dream Day came together in 1981, when Rizzo met ... and guitarist Baird Figi. Eleventh Dream Day released their first self-titled ...

Yahoo! LAUNCH - Eleventh Dream Day: Artist Page
LAUNCH Home Help. Why Rate? I Could Be Lost (1998) Makin Like A Hug (1993) The Pixies. The White Stripes. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nirvana. Why Rate? Ursa MajorEighthAfter This Time Is GoneEl MoodioLived To Tellmore... > MEMBER. RADIO STATION

DOA Unappreciated Album of the Month - Eleventh Dream Day: A Retrospective
... gentlemen of the jury, are known as Eleventh Dream Day: a gang of musicians whose obscure status is ... Eleventh Dream Day began sometime in 1983 when Chicagoite Rick Rizzo (vocals ...

Thrill Jockey Records
Eleventh Dream Day. Contact: Write to EDD. c/o Thrill Jockey. PO Box 08038. Chicago, Il 60608. Booking: Contact Thrill Jockey. Prairie School Freakout Out Now! Listen to a clip: Coercion. Sample a tune from Stalled Parade. ... Eleventh Dream Day. tours. catalog. history. lyrics. discography ... View an Eleventh Dream Day live performance ...

Eleventh Dream Day - Albums
Eleventh Dream Day. Prairie School Freakout. Beet. 1987. 1988. 1989. Borscht. Lived To Tell. El Moodio. 1990. 1991. 1993. Ursa Major. Eighth. The Stalled Parade. 1994. 1997. 2000. Prairie School Freakout/Wayne. Top. SINGLES. Wayne 12" Two Sweeties 12"

Thrill Jockey Records
... Eleventh Dream Day. tours. catalog. history. lyrics. discography ... View an Eleventh Dream Day live performance ...

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