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El Vez
... El Vez. The "Mexican Elvis" Greets The Season ... That's it - nothing special. Except for El Vez - he is something special ...

EL Vez Tour Dates
EL Vez Live! 2004. June thru September. El Vez back at Teatro Zinzanni June 10 until Sept. 26, 2004. Seattle. Teatro Zinzanni. July. El Vez as the Grand Marshal of. Seattle's "Sea Fare Parade" Coming This Fall:

El Vez in Riverside
... El Vez Happening. " El Vez is the idea of the melting pot ...

The Covers Project: El Vez
This page contains information about songs that El Vez has covered, as well as songs by El Vez that have been covered by other artists. ... XML-RPC. Longest Chains. El Vez. Covered | Covered By ... No Title) : ElVez : Artist Main. MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: E: ElVez ...

El Vez
... El Vez. meets. El Wag! I took this photo after the magnificent LA kickoff of his Gospel Tour ... early a.m.: After El Vez rocked Tempe, he met Wagner again ...

the genius of El Vez" - LA Weekly " El Vez is the world's most intelligent Elvis Impersonator" - Chicago Sun-Times " El Vez...Gets a Big Ole" - Los Angeles Times " Elvis con Salsa" - People Magazine "

EL Vez!
The official www site of EL Vez, the Mexican Elvis. Latest information including tour dates, merchandise, y mucho mas! ... EL VEZ 4 PREZ. COMING THIS FALL. CLICK HERE TO ENTER EL WEB SITE ...

El vez on stage
El Vez Happening. El Vez! EL VEZ has entertained fans across two continents. He comes to Riverside backed up by a full band and his fabulous back-up singers, the El Vettes. ... deconstructed living effigy nor an apolitical postmodern cynic, El Vez performs a high octane blend of Mexican popular ...

el vez
el vez at opal music - the premier site for indie music ... EL VEZ Boxing With God -- (US CD album on SFTRI) ... 12.49. EL VEZ Feliz Navidad -- (UK 7" on Poptones ...

EL VEZ CDs - Buy Rare Imports, Used Vinyl and Music Records
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El Vez The Latino Elvis
Read his thoughts on Elvis Presley, the Latin community and the American Dream. ...'s for everyone...because that is America... El Vez, the Elvis you could fit in anything ... expect from your "typical" El Vez show? EL) Costumes changes, dancing, the ...

El Vez - September 1996
Published September 1996, The Aquarian Weekly. El Vez. Mexican Elvis has 'G.I. Ay Ay Blues' Just because the King kicked on the crapper back in '77 doesn't mean you can't experience the gaudy pageantry of an Elvis Presley show today. ... chance to marvel at the mad spectacle of El Vez (The Mexican Elvis) comes this week when Robert ...

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