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En recension!
Dixie Buzzards. Hultsfredsfestivalen. Datum: 15 June, 2002. Jag hade hört att demobandet Dixie Buzzards skulle vara något alldeles extra, och det var absolut ingen överdrift.

Dixie Buzzards
... Goodbye Boozy Records, 2000, GB 06) Dixie Buzzards: Save It For Me. Dixie Buzzards: Where's My/The File ... The Blowtops: Macabre. Dixie Buzzards: Bald. Dixie Buzzards: Have You Ever Been ...

cyclops zine - The Dixie Buzzards
The Dixie Buzzards - "S/T" 7" - Now Records. The Dixie Buzzards is the Martin Blacks new project, after the breakup of the Blacks. The Blacks were a two guitar and drum outfit with Martin singing rock n roll. I loved the Blacks.

... 5/23/2003) Dixie Buzzards etc... ( 2/6/2003) Dixie Buzzards news ( 1/10/2003) Dixie buzzards live... ...

ASKA · Gig pics · Kamen Riders, Voladoras & Dixie Buzzards
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Think Small // Recensies // Dixie Buzzards - The Beat / Touch of A Female Hand
... various artists Review III. Dixie Buzzards The Beat / Touch of A Female Hand ... 22 maart 2002. Dixie Buzzards website ·. Yakisakana websitereageer ...

The Dixie Buzzards
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ASKA · Gig pics · Dixie Buzzards & King Louie One Man Band
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dixie buzzards
Dixie Buzzards (7" Sweden 2004) record cover, Designed and silkscreened by: Meeloo Gfeller for Big Black Hole records

dixie buzzards - live
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... EP ( Pelado ) 3,90 . Dixie Buzzards s/t 10" ( Black Juju ) 8,60 . Dixie Buzzards Ain´t going back+3 EP ( Big ...

Savage - Dixie Buzzards
L-R: Martin Savage Jenny silver Altay. Dixie Buzzards go to France!!! July 11, 12 and 13. If yer close don't miss this! Thanx goes out to Yakisakana Records! Dixie Buzzards to play the annual BARBARELLA Festival in August in Uppsala. ... Nico SDZ. DIXIE BUZZARDS Save It For Me 7" ep (Therapeutic ...

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