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Dahlia Seed, MP3 Music Download from eMusic
Dahlia Seed MP3s at eMusic. Download Dahlia Seed albums, tracks and songs for free with eMusic's trial subscription. ... Track Search. Label Search. Dahlia Seed. See recommendations based on this artist ... Music: Dahlia Seed: Please Excuse All the Blood
... Dahlia Seed was one of the few bands who captured the personal sentiment of anger while maintaining a ... of the loose ends that Dahlia Seed scattered around before their 1996 ... Music: Dahlia Seed: Valentine Kid's Litter
... 12. Gomez 88. Dahlia Seed: Valentine Kid's Litter ...

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THE BIGLIST - A Dahlia Locator (Updated April 17, 2004) The BIGLIST is a consolidated listing of dahlias created from the listings of the suppliers below. ... Dahlia Speciality Items -- Supplier --------------------------- * DAHLIA SEED GW's Flowers * DAHLIA SEED Sea-Tac ...
OTHER RELEASES: Dahlia Seed. Greyhouse split 7" Dahlia Seed. Mothman split 7" Dahlia Seed. Voivod Tour 7" TMU 011 DAHLIA SEED " Survived By" LP/CD. LONG before emo was a dirty word, DAHLIA SEED existed.

The Covers Project: Dahlia Seed
This page contains information about songs that Dahlia Seed has covered, as well as songs by Dahlia Seed that have been covered by other artists. ... Dahlia Seed. Albums by this artist from ...

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DAHLIA SEED > 1992-1996. the band. Tracy: vocals. Darin. Brian. Chris. John. partial discography. split 10" with Broken Mouth (1993) 4-way split 7" with Lava Diva, Pee and Twist. split 7" with Greyhouse. s/t 7" (Theologian 1995)
OTHER RELEASES: Dahlia Seed. Mothman split 7" Dahlia Seed. Survived By LP/CD. Dahlia Seed. Voivod Tour 7" TMU 002 GREYHOUSE/DAHLIA SEED. split 7" Two of the most excellent bands from NJ.

Buy Valentine Kid's Litter at Wal-Mart Music
... Valentine Kid's Litter on CD by Dahlia Seed. Alternative music. More music by Dahlia Seed. Wal-Mart music with 1000s of CDs and may titles and artists ...

Dahlia Seed Website
... Dahlia Seed Pre-Tracy Early 1992 4-track demo, Chris-Vocals/Guitar, Darin-Drums, Rosie O'Shea-Bass Quality ... Four songs never recorded by Dahlia Seed Tracy-guitar/vocals, Chris-guitar ...

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